Ruakaka Developments Limited

  • Council RefsLU2000057
  • ProposalTo develop and operate a service centre at 2533 State Highway 1, Ruakākā, with refuelling facilities for vehicle and trucks, food and beverage outlets, a convenience store, a rest area for drivers, a playground and amenity space.
  • CategoryLand Use
  • Applicant nameRuakaka Developments Limited
  • StatusClosed for Submissions

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Whangarei District Council has received an application for resource consent.

Description of application

The proposal is for the development and operation of a service centre, which will provide refuelling facilities for vehicle and trucks, food and beverage outlets, a convenience store, a rest area for drivers, a playground and amenity space. 

The following properties form the subject site:

  • Lot 2 DP 310034 (2533 State Highway One (SH1))
  • Part Lot 1 DP 185432 (Port Marsden Highway)
  • Part Lot 3 DP 183432 (Port Marsden Highway) 
  • Part Lot 2 DP 185432 (Port Marsden Highway)
  • Part Lot 4 DP 185432 (Port Marsden Highway)

As detailed in Section 3.2 of the application report, the proposed service centre consists of four key activities and associated services, being:

  1. Vehicle / truck refuelling
  2. Food, beverage and associated retail activities
  3. Long-stay and short-stay rest area including public toilets, picnic areas
  4. Manager accommodation (2 x residential units each with a single carpark)
  5. All associated visitor carparking
  6. Associated infrastructure. 

Overall, the proposal is assessed as a Discretionary Activity. 


Submissions closed on 23 August 2021.

This notice is given pursuant to Section 95A of the Resource Management Act 1991. 

Rob Forlong
24 July 2021

Resource Consent Application and Assessment of Environment Effects(PDF, 3MB)

Attachment A1 - Titles and instruments(PDF, 7MB)

Attachment A2 - Summary of instruments(PDF, 132KB)

Attachment B - Architectural Plans(PDF, 13MB)

Attachment C - Landscape Plans(PDF, 11MB)

Attachment D1 - Infrastructure Report - Access Option 1(PDF, 27MB)

Attachment D3 - Engineering s92 letter(PDF, 2MB)

Attachment D3 - New Zealand Fire Service Checklist(PDF, 507KB)

Attachment D3 - Swale and Raingarden calculation(PDF, 420KB)

Attachment D3 - Updated roading plan(PDF, 854KB)

Attachment D3 - Wastewater capacity cals(PDF, 140KB)

Attachment D3 - Wastewater plan update(PDF, 1MB)

Attachment E - Landscape and Visual Effects Assessment(PDF, 3MB)

Attachment E1 - Landscape and Visual Effects Assessment supplement(PDF, 197KB)

Attachment E2- Landscape and Visual Effects Assessment supplement(PDF, 333KB)

Attachment E3 - Landscape and Visual Effects Assessment graphic supplement(PDF, 75MB)

Attachment F - Traffic Impact Assessment(PDF, 5MB)

Attachment F1 - Traffic Impact Assessment attachments(PDF, 13MB)

Attachment G - Noise Assessment(PDF, 1MB)

Attachment G1 - Noise Response Letter by Marshall Day Acoustics(PDF, 484KB)

Attachment H - Lighting Assessment(PDF, 3MB)

Attachment H1 - Lighting Performance s92(PDF, 3MB)

Attachment I - Preliminary Archaeological Assessment(PDF, 5MB)

Attachment J - Economic Analysis(PDF, 4MB)

Attachment K1 - Preliminary Site Investigation(PDF, 13MB)

Attachment K2 - Detailed Site Investigation and Remediation Action Plan(PDF, 11MB)

Attachment L - Ecological Assessment(PDF, 4MB)

Attachment M - Cultural Values Assessment(PDF, 6MB)

Attachment N - Cultural Effects Assessment(PDF, 6MB)

Attachment O - Wastewater Disposal Report(PDF, 805KB)

Attachment P - Geotechnical Investigation Report(PDF, 27MB)

Attachment P1 - Geotech - s92 comments(PDF, 103MB)

Attachment Q - Hazardous Substances Plan(PDF, 2MB)