Inner City Living

Inner City Living

We have identified inner city living as a strategic priority for the city centre.

To support Council’s vision to enable residential living in the city centre as part of the work to create a vibrant, thriving, and well-designed city centre, we engaged The Property Group to develop a Business Case and a Residential Conversion Toolkit.

Business Case

The Business Case identifies the key constraints, opportunities, and dependencies to enabling residential uses in the Whangārei city centre, as well as identifying the key benefits, risks and barriers to enabling inner city living. The Business Case includes real life feasibility studies that have tested what development model is the most viable in the city centre.

Inner City Living Business Case(PDF, 5MB)

Residential Conversion Toolkit

The guide has been designed as a tool that can be used to help you make decisions about investing in a residential conversion project and plan for all the steps in the development process.

The Toolkit outlines 7 easy to follow steps to help determine the feasibility of the project and how to navigate through specific Council processes. The following steps include:

  • Step 1: How do I get started – is my project feasible?
  • Step 2: Find the right consultants
  • Step 3: Understand what consents and approvals will be required
  • Step 4: Plan for what costs you may incur and when
  • Step 5: Prepare a programme
  • Step 6: The design and consenting phase – what to expect
  • Step 7: The construction phase – what to expect

Residential Conversion Toolkit(PDF, 10MB)