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Our Dog Control Policy and Practice Annual Reports have information about dog control in the District and includes:

  • the number and type of complaints received
  • the number of infringements issued and prosecutions taken
  • the number of registered dogs and their classification status. 

This Pre-election Report outlines our role in your District and informs you about the issues Council faces and the services we provide.

It is a legal requirement and is prepared by the Chief Executive of Whangarei District Council. Current elected Council members have not been involved in its drafting, although the Report discusses the plans of the current Council and previous Councils.

The Pre-election Report provides information about the past three years (from 2019-2020 through to 2021-2022), an overview of the 2022-2023 year which began on 1 July 2022, and Council’s planned performance during the term of the next Council (from October 2022).

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