Central City Revitalisation

The James St Laneway in central Whangarei.

We have a strategic programme aimed at creating quality public spaces for people to enjoy shopping, eating out, working and living in the central city.

Having strategic plans in place enables us to prioritise our spending and also provides certainty for business owners about what investment we are making in the city.

The following plans, strategies and information form part of the key information for the Central City revitalisation programme.



Central Business District (CBD) Regeneration Information

There has been a lot of discussion recently on the state of our inner city. Issues such as the amount of car parking spaces and the number of vacant shops are important to our district.

To help inform this discussion, Whangarei District Council have compiled information on our central area. This includes:

  • Vacant premises
  • Land use
  • Car parking areas.

We have also looked at other towns and cities in New Zealand to see how we compare in relation to retail vacancy. 

Central Business District (CBD) Regeneration Information Pack(PDF, 1MB)

Inner City Living Programme

We have identified inner city living as a strategic priority for the city centre.

To support Council’s vision to enable residential living in the city centre as part of the work to create a vibrant, thriving, and well-designed city centre, we engaged The Property Group to develop a Business Case and a Residential Conversion Toolkit.

Inner City Living