Paying your water rates

Water rates pay for water collection, treatment facilities, our water distribution network and water conservation initiatives.

Direct debit

Direct debit is our preferred option for water rates payments and is penalty exempt.

Direct debits can be set up to pay your water rates on a weekly, fortnightly, monthly-basis or when they are due, from your bank account.

If there are any changes to your water rates charges, these will be automatically adjusted and notification sent to you in writing.  

You can set up a direct debit online. You will need your bank account information.

Setup a Direct Debit


Step 1.Have your card available

Pay using a credit or debit card (Visa and Mastercard only). We do not charge a fee for online credit card payments.

Step 2.You'll need your property ID reference

The number appears on your invoice or notice depending on what you are paying. 

Step 3.Accept the terms and references

Once you click on the "I Accept" button you will be redirected to a secure payment website.  

I have read, understand and agree to the Online Service Terms and Conditions.

I Accept

By phone

You can call us with your details to make a payment.  We accept Visa and Mastercard payments via our Contact Centre.

Phone: 09 430 4200

Freephone: 0800 932 463

A receipt can be issued upon request.


You can pay with cash, Eftpos, Visa or Mastercard at any of our customer service centres.

A receipt can be issued upon request.

Forum North customer service centre
7 Rust Avenue, Whangārei
Monday to Friday - 8:00am to 4:30pm
Closed public holidays

Ruakākā service centre 
9 Takutai Place, Ruakākā
Monday to Friday - 8:30am to 4:00pm
Closed public holidays


Internet banking

We are listed as a bill payee with your bank.  Search for "Whangarei District" in the payee list and select one of the payment types.

Our bank account number is 12-3115-0040516-002

When making an internet bank payment please use the correct code and reference types.

Payment type  Code type Reference type 
Water Rates Only Property ID Account holder's name

International bank transfer

Overseas customers may wish to send a direct credit from their overseas account to pay water rates.

International bank transfers

Domestic water meters are read every six months and invoices for water used are sent to property owners.

Commercial and higher users may be read more frequently.

You can request your water meter to be read at any time if required.  There is a fee for this service and a water rates notice will be sent to you.  Please contact us for further information.

To see when your water account is scheduled to be billed, check the water billing schedule:

Location / Types Scheduled reading months
High use commercial Monthly or bi-monthly


Residential / Low use commercial Approximate dates only
Whangarei Heads / Waikaraka / Onerahi airport January and July
Onerahi / Portland / Kensington / Otangarei / Riverside / Central February and August
Whau Valley / CBD / Otangarei / Avenues / Port March and September
Maunu / Maungatapere / Poroti / Raumanga / Otaika / Mangapai / One Tree Point / Cemetery Road April and October
Ruakaka / Waipu / Maungakaramea / Ruatangata / Hikurangi / Kauri / Kamo May and November
Kamo / Tikipunga / Vinegar Hill / Three Mile Bush June and December

Estimate your water charges for a particular period using our water rates calculator.

Landlords can use this to estimate how much water use to charge a tenant who is moving out. You can also contact us and we will work it out for you.

Water rates calculator 

If you are selling your property, and you have a water meter, a final water meter reading should be arranged by your lawyer.

The final notice will include the special read fee along with water consumption and water supply charge, up to to the settlement date. It will be emailed to your lawyer.

If you are a landlord and your tenant is moving you, you can calculate how much water use to charge your tenant using the Water Rates Calculator or by contacting us with the meter reading. 

Water rates calculator

Contact us

If you would prefer an invoice, please provide a photo of your meter clearly showing the reading and meter ID, and we will process an invoice (please note that there will be no final read fee). 

Alternatively, you can book a final meter reading. We will read the meter and provide an invoice.  However, this will include a special read fee.

Use our online form to book a final meter reading or make an enquiry.

Book a final meter reading or make an enquiry

To find out the charge for a final meter reading, please view our Fees and Charges. 

Water fees and charges

Higher than normal water bills may be caused by a water leak. We are responsible for the water network up to your property’s water meter. We call this the ‘point of supply'. You are responsible for the pipes after the water meter.

If there is a problem with the water pipe on your property’s side of the water meter then it is up to you to fix it.

Find the process to identify and deal with a water leak here:

Water leaks