Civic Honours

Civic Honours 2022

A Civic Honour is our highest award for outstanding voluntary service to the community. Every year we honour a small number of citizens.

Civic Honours Awards recognise those people, who by their personal leadership, inspiration, sacrifice or devotion to a cause, have made a significant contribution to the community wellbeing of the Whangārei District. 

Nominations for the annual Civic Honours awards close 1 May each year.

The awards evening will be held in the second half of the year and recipients are publicly announced following the ceremony.

Make a nomination

Step 1.Read the guidelines and complete nomination form

Civic Honours Nomination Form and Guidelines(PDF, 2MB)

Step 2.Submit your nomination

Submit your nomination before 1 May each year.


Post: Community Funding Whangarei District Council Private Bag 9023 Whangārei

In person to: Council Reception, Customer Services, Forum North or Council Reception, 1st Floor, Walton Plaza 

Step 3.Get more information

For more information about making a nomination, please contact our Community Funding Officer. 

For information about the ceremony or previous recipients, please contact the Personal Assistant to the Mayor.

2022 Civic Honours

  • Brian Corney
  • Felicity Christian
  • Fred Tito
  • Stephen Westgate

2022 Civic Honours citations(PDF, 2MB)

2021 Civic Honours

  • Janelle Beazley
  • Maurice Whittaker Brownlee
  • Sharon and Lou Davis
  • Murdoch Ross

2021 Civic Honours citations(PDF, 395KB)

2020 Civic Honours

  • Lily May Hooper (Betty)
  • Rosemary Sanderson
  • John Shanks
  • Terence Ward

2020 Civic Honours citations(PDF, 583KB)

2019 Civic Honours

  • Vic and Yvonne Pitman
  • Lynette MacDonald
  • Major Christopher Williams NZCF
  • Eric Hansen

2019 Civic Honours citations(PDF, 104KB)

2018 Civic Honours

  • Pamela Stevens
  • Russell Rawiri
  • Fay Colthurst
  • Warren Daniel

2018 Civic Honours citations(PDF, 248KB)

2017 Civic Honours

  • Kelvin Attwood
  • Linda Melville
  • Maxine Neighbour
  • Audrey Trimmer

2017 Civic Honours citations(PDF, 160KB)

2016 Civic Honours

  • Anthony Solomon
  • Stuart Clark
  • Jeffrey D'Ath
  • Rosemary Waters

2016 Civic Honours citations(PDF, 274KB)

2015 Civic Honours 

  • Naotake Fukuoka
  • Peter Coates
  • Atsuko Fukuoka
  • Margaret Hibbert

2015 Civic Honours citations(PDF, 479KB)

2014 Civic Honours 

  • Helen McGregor
  • Trevor McKenzie
  • Paratene Te Manu (Sonny) Wellington
  • Delecia (Maxi) Thompson
  • John McGregor

2014 Civic Honour citations(PDF, 639KB)

2013 Civic Honours 

  • Sophie Edwards
  • Fredrick and Mary Field
  • Mervyn Rusk
  • Desmond Coutts

2013 Civic Honours citations(PDF, 834KB)

2012 Civic Honours 

  • Robert (Robbie) Stevenson
  • Elizabeth (Betty) Fyfe
  • Peter Harding
  • Sheryn Comrie

2012 Civic Honours citations(PDF, 440KB) 

2011 Civic Honours 

  • Loha Bruce
  • Henry Davis
  • Fraser Sim
  • D'Arcy Bailey

2011 Civic Honours citations(PDF, 491KB)

2010 Civic Honours 

  • Vivienne Dobson
  • David Dobson
  • Yvonne Stewart
  • Ray Palmer
  • Archie Dixon

2010 Civic Honours citations(PDF, 462KB)

2009 Civic Honours

  • Irene Walding
  • Rev Des Olney
  • Deane Main
  • Jennifer Brasting

2008 Civic Honours

  • Andrew Gurney
  • Hazel O'Donnell
  • Betty Powell
  • Jean Marian Barclay

2007 Civic Honours

  • John and Sheila House
  • Rhondda Rutherford-Dunn
  • Jean Dufty
  • Roger Neal