Noise control

Noise control

If noise is bothering you, you can call us any time, day or night. 

Call us to make a complaint about noise from: 

  • loud parties 
  • house and building alarms 
  • construction and industrial activity.

What happens when I make a noise complaint?

Our noise control officers from Armourguard will investigate the complaint. If the noise is considered excessive, a notice will be given immediately to reduce the noise. 

What are the penalties for excessive noise? 

  • Notices to reduce noise apply for a period of 72 hours from the time issued
  • If noise is not reduced, or the noise restarts within the 72 hour period, further action may be taken 
  • Officers may seize equipment and can also issue instant fines. 

How to avoid noise complaints

  • Be considerate 
  • Tone it down at a reasonable time 
  • If you’re planning a party, talk to your neighbours first. As it gets later, move the party inside, shut doors and windows and keep the volume down 
  • When using power tools or other noisy equipment, don’t use them all day – give your neighbours a break 

What we can do 

The Resource Management Act 1991 allows us to act if noise is excessive. This means noise that unreasonably interferes with your peace, comfort and convenience.

We work under guidelines for different zones in the District Plan. What’s acceptable can vary between the city centre, industrial areas and the suburbs.