Whangarei District Council bylaws are local laws made by Council that apply only in our District. They are made to keep our place safe, healthy and attractive.

Bylaws are enforceable by Council staff or other nominated agencies. 

You can use our online forms to make a bylaw enquiry or to:

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  • suggest a beach to be included into the prohibited areas for the Control of Vehicles on Beaches bylaw.

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This bylaw's purpose is to reduce alcohol-related harm through prohibition and control of alcohol in public places

Drinking alcohol in public places is banned on all beaches and public land within 300 metres of the coast (including Whangārei Harbour) and Whangārei’s central business district.

There are also bans in place for six suburbs within the urban boundaries of our District as well as six coastal villages. 

Maps of where liquor bans are in force can be found within the Alcohol Control Areas document.   

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In most cases, Council makes bylaws under the Local Government Act 2002.

Local Government Act 2002