Vehicle infringements

For road safety reasons we issue vehicle infringement notices when a vehicle's Warrant of Fitness or registration is not up to date. These fines are set by the Government and we do not have the ability to change the amount.

When you park in a paid parking area you have five minutes to obtain a Pay and Display receipt or pay for your parking online by mPark.

 You will be given a parking ticket for any of the following:

  • parking in a restricted parking area
  • parking for longer than the maximum time allowed in an area
  • not displaying a Pay and Display receipt or paying by mPark. 

If you wish to pay a vehicle infringement notice or a parking ticket, please follow the link below.

Pay a vehicle infringement

The fees for overstaying the parking display ticket expiry time has are charged incrementally.

  • $10 - not more than 30 minutes
  • $14 - more than 30 minutes but less than an hour
  • $20 - more than one hour but less than two hours
  • $30 - more than two hours but less than four hours
  • $34 - more than four hours but less than six hours
  • $57 - more than six hours.

If a parking ticket dispenser fails to print a display ticket, please contact us to log the fault.  We will give you a reference number to quote if you should receive a parking ticket.

If you do receive a parking ticket, please write to us and include:

  • the date and time you tried the ticket dispenser
  • the date and time you reported the fault to us
  • the reference number you were given
  • the ticket dispenser number
  • the infringement notice number.

Council does not enter into any payment plans for infringements to be paid off over time.  

Once it is with the Court, you may be able to arrange a payment plan with the Court. Court costs will be added to the fine.

You can appeal an infringement.  

Infringement notices may be waived when there are compelling reasons, such as:

  • the conditions which led to the infringement were outside the control of the driver
  • the enforcement officer or the organisation has made a mistake
  • I had paid my registration and was waiting for the slip to arrive in the mail.

To dispute a vehicle infringement you will need the infringement ticket number or the registration number of the vehicle. 

Dispute or enquire about a vehicle infringement

Find out about appealing a parking ticket by following the link below. 

How to appeal a parking ticket