Whangārei Dog Agility Park

Three dogs playing and running in the Whangārei dog park.

The dog park on Pohe Island is a purpose-built facility for dogs to play, socialise and exercise, located near the popular Hātea Loop walkway. Dogs are allowed to be off-leash in this facility but must be supervised at all times.

The facility is fully fenced, with entry and exit through double-entry self-closing gates. The park is mostly grass but has several flat gravel paths between areas.

There is a gravel parking area which can be accessed off Dave Culham Drive on Pohe Island.

Facilities at the dog park include:

  • 6 play structures made for dogs
  • plastic bags and rubbish bins for cleaning up after your dog
  • drinking fountain for humans and water bowl for dogs
  • bath structure for dogs to play in (about 20cm deep)
  • 2 covered areas for shade and shelter, and
  • picnic tables and park benches.


off Dave Culham Drive, Parihaka 0112  View Map

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