Engaging with your Council

Engaging with our community and getting your feedback is an essential part of our work.

Sometimes the way we engage with you is set by legislation (Local Government Act 2002), and there are many steps to follow. Sometimes we can choose.

Our Significance and Engagement Policy guides how we engage with communities about important Council decisions.

 The significance of a matter also guides Council’s approach to consultation, including how it may be undertaken and how to best include persons likely to affected by, or interested in, the decision or matter. The more significant a matter from the perspective of those who may be affected, the more likely Council will need to consult with them on their views.

Significance and Engagement Policy

Opportunities to participate 

Council provides a number of opportunities for you to participate in the decision-making process.

One of the most important opportunities is through the Long Term Plan consultation process – when Council may seek feedback from the public on:

  • Council priorities
  • services
  • income and expenditure
  • funding tools.

Other formal consultations include:

  • District Plan changes
  • bylaw reviews
  • reserve management plan reviews.

We also conduct consultations outside of these processes.

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Giving other feedback and suggestions for improvement

If you would like to raise a specific issue or make a suggestion, you can do so by contacting one of your local elected members or by contacting Council directly, your request will be sent through to the relevant department.

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