Urban Design

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Find out more about our Urban Design Guidelines for residential and commercial developments and our guide for creating living roofs and walls for your building.

Why good urban design matters 

Urban design is the process of making better places by designing buildings, spaces and infrastructure that enhance the function, feel and form of towns and cities.

Good urban design can help improve people's sense of place, pride and security and achieve a higher quality of life, more efficient use of resources and greater economic vitality.

Urban Design Guidelines

The Urban Design Guidelines aim to improve the quality of residential and commercial development in Whangārei.

This is the guiding document referred to in considering resource consent applications for multi-unit residential development or new commercial development in the District. 

Urban Design Guidelines

Urban Design Strategy

Our Urban Design Strategy called 'Making great places to shape our future' sets out an overall visionary statement for Whangārei in terms of the urban design intentions, design principles and implementing mechanisms.

Urban Design Strategy

Living Roof Guide

Living roofs, walls and facades are becoming increasingly common in cities throughout the world.

The purpose of this guide is to highlight the multitude of economic, social and environmental benefits that these living systems can provide to Whangārei - improving outcomes for its people, land, water, nature and visitors.

Living Roof Guide

Placemaking plans

We are currently working with our communities to develop Placemaking plans which are 20-30 year plans for how an area will change and develop.

Placemaking Programme