Horses on beaches

The bylaw generally permits horses on beaches, however there are some restrictions:

 A summer time ban from 9:00am to 5:00pm from 20 December to 31 January.

  • Bans on some beaches for conservation purposes (Bland Bay/Teparapra, Bream Head/Ocean Beach, Matapouri, Mimiwhangata Coastal Park, Ngunguru/Horahora, One Tree Point, Ruakaka, Waipu and Whananaki)
  • Safe zones as per the Vehicles on Beaches Bylaw
  • Swimming a horse within 100 metres of a swimmer.
  • Ruakaka beach from the Ruakaka river north to Karawai Street is a restricted area where permission is required to have a horse on the beach.

Horses can cause significant damage to our reserves and other infrastructure, accordingly there is a ban on riding or leading horses in Council reserves. However you can ride or lead your horse over a reserve to access a beach if you take the most direct defined route, use a marked access way and avoid any grassed area. 

If you are parking near a beach please remove your horse from your trailer before parking on a reserve and carefully consider which access way to the beach will be most appropriate for your horse. 

At all times be courteous and be familiar with the full rules in the bylaw. Be aware that some individuals may be concerned about horses.

Please also minimise harm to the environment by riding below high tide, staying away from the dunes and cleaning up after your horse.  

Click on the following link to see further guidelines on the Bridleways New Zealand website:

Bridleways New Zealand