Opening a business or home-business

Starting a business

If you're setting up a new business or taking over an existing one, here is some information about the permissions you'll need from us.

Preparing or selling food

If you want to start a new business preparing or selling food to the public, you need to register your business with us.

Registration of a new food premises  (if your registration has lapsed you will need to re-register)

If you are taking over an existing food premises, you will need to operate under the Food Act 2014. Food control plans and national programmes are non-transferable.

Food Act 2014

Stalls and mobile food businesses

If you are starting at the beginning of your food business journey, read about the food safety rules first: 

MPI Food safety rules

Sell or supply alcohol

If you intend to sell or supply alcohol, you need to apply for a liquor licence.

Alcohol licensing

Building consent or change of use

If you intend to change your building, you will need a building consent.

Apply for a Building Consent

If you are planning to change the use of your building (for example, from residential use to commercial use), you will need to apply for a change of use.

Apply for change of use

Home-based businesses

If you want to run a business from home, there are several things you will need to consider.

Resource consent

For a small-scale business in your home, like a hairdressing salon that occupies one room in your house, this is called a work from home activity. Work from home activities don't need resource consent as long as they meet the criteria for the activity area you live in.

To find out what rules and zones apply to your property, you can check the criteria for your area in our GIS Map. Type your address in the Search section. Under Details click on the right arrow until you see the title Environment. This will tell you the zone and rules in your area.

GIS Map viewer

Once you know what zone and rules apply, find the relevant chapters in the District Plan.

Operative District Plan

If you think you need a resource consent or are unsure, book a free pre-application meeting with us to discuss your proposal:

Resource consents overview

Building consent

You need a building consent for all work that affects the structure of a building, and all plumbing or drainage work other than simple repairs. If you intend to change your building, you will need a building consent.

About Building Consents

Tendering for Council projects 

Council uses an open tender process for projects. This allows new contractors to bid for projects.

Working with Council