Attending a meeting or hearing

All meetings of Council and its Committees are held in the Council Chambers, Forum North, Rust Avenue, Whangārei.

Public engagement and participation in council decision making is welcomed and encouraged. The public gallery (Council Chambers) is open to those who wish to attend public meetings.

However, due to number restrictions on our approved Fire and Evacuation scheme at Forum North, there are limits on the number of members of the public able to physically attend council meetings in the Chamber. Attendance is managed on a first come, first served basis.

Live stream and recorded videos

We recommend members of the public wishing to attend Council meetings watch the livestream on the Council website or Facebook page. 

Our Facebook (live videos) (, may require sign-in for some features)

Our Youtube (recorded videos) (

Members of the public can't take part in the discussion but do have an opportunity to speak during public forum at the monthly meeting of Council.

Meeting and hearing dates

Council and committees meet on a recurring schedule in 2022:

  • Council: 4th Thursday of each month - 9:00am
  • Infrastructure Committee: 2nd Thursday of each month – 9:00am
  • Council Briefings / Workshops: 2nd Thursday of each month – 10:30am
  • Strategy, Planning and Development Committee: 3rd Thursday of each month – 9:00am
  • Community Development: 3rd Thursday of each month – 11:00am

To view committee meeting times, please download the full calendar:

Council meeting calendar 2022(PDF, 152KB)

Upcoming Council meetings and hearings 2022

The public is notified of the following meetings of Council and hearings: 

Meeting or hearing Date and time

Infrastructure Committee

Thursday 8 September at 9:00am

Council Briefing

  • Infrastructure business
Thursday 8 September at 10:30am

Council Briefing

  • Business Friendly Council
 Tuesday 13 September at 9:00am

Strategy, Planning and Development Committee

Thursday 15 September at 9:00am

Community Development Committee

Thursday 15 September at 11:00am

Risk and Audit Committee

Tuesday 20 September at 9:00am

Extraordinary Council meeting

  • Northland Events Centre Trust disestablishment audit & reappointment of Trust member
  • Ministry of Justice infringement write off
  • Draft Parking Strategy
  • National Planning Standards delegation
  • WDC 2022 Credit Rating Update
  • Whangarei Heads Speed Limit Review Statement of Proposal
  • Petition for the sealing of Henare Road
  • Property Matters (boundary adjustments, land exchanges)
  • NRLLP – review founding documents
Tuesday 20 September at 1:30pm

Te Karearea Strategic Partnership Standing Committee

Wednesday 21 September at 9:00am


Thursday 22 September at 9:00am

Housing Strategy Council Co-governance Subcommittee

Tuesday 27 September at 9:00am

Exemptions and Objections Committee

Wednesday 28 September at 9:30am

The agenda and reports will be available on this website prior to the meeting.

Agendas and minutes

Meeting dates, times and topics may change and meetings may be cancelled or added. Changes are published on this page. For confirmation, please contact us.

Contact us

Speaking at Public Forum

If you wish to speak at public forum, please contact our Senior Democracy Adviser, phone 09 430 4200 before making an application.

Download and save a copy of the application to your computer first. You can then either:

  • print it, fill it and send or deliver it to us; or
  • fill it out on your computer and save it before attaching it to an email to us.

Application form to speak at public forum(PDF, 63KB)

Council workshops

Council holds workshops regularly throughout the year which enable councillors to discuss and debate matters involving complex information in a less structured environment than a formal meeting.

No decisions are made at these workshops and as such the requirements of LGOIMA regarding public notification and access to agendas and minutes do not apply. The public are unable to attend workshops.

Council Briefings

Council holds briefings throughout the year to enable councillors to find out more information and seek clarification on specific, often complex, matters. This gives councillors the opportunity to discuss these matters in depth outside of a formal meeting situation to gain greater understanding and clarity.

No decisions are made at these briefings and as such the requirements of LGOIMA regarding public notification and access to programmes and minutes do not apply; however these documents are made available to the public.

The public are able to attend briefings. 

Code of Conduct

The Elected Members' Code of Conduct provides guidelines for the expected standards of behaviour by the mayor and councillors.

Elected Members' Code of Conduct(PDF, 458KB)