Health nuisances

Health nuisance

Health nuisances can cause the spread of disease and cause annoyance. 

Examples are:

  • a smelly compost heap that attracts flies and rats to an area.
  • refuse which is not put out for collection
  • shellfish, including kina, left on the ground to rot rather than being buried.

If you notice a hazard or public health hazard, please report it using this online form:

Report it

If its an urgent issue, please call 09 432 4200 or 0800 932 463.

Once a nuisance is reported to Council, one of our Environmental Health Officers (EHOs) will investigate it and make sure it is dealt with.

Air quality and odour issues, chemical pollution and water pollution, are all dealt with by the Northland Regional Council.

Northland Regional Council Environmental Hotline