Event management resources


We have put together templates and checklists for you, to help plan, manage and run your event.

The templates and checklists have been provided in .DOCX (MS word) and / or PDF format.

If you need help and further advice, please contact us.

Event run sheet

An event run sheet includes details about managing your event from start to finish. This covers the set-up, the pack down by date, time, location and responsibility. Examples include what time security should be on site.

Each person involved in the planning of your event must have a copy of the run sheet. This keeps people in the loop, provided with the necessary information for each task. 

The simplest detail that is left out can affect how the event will play out, so make sure to include it. Include a contact list of main event contacts and ensure everyone is aware of who to contact if an issue arises.

If you develop a run sheet from two weeks out from your event, expect constant tweaking.

Run sheet template(DOCX, 42KB)

Event management plan 

An Event Management Plan summarises the activities and functions of your event. This serves as a referral tool that can be used on the day of and leading up to the event. 

Like the run sheet, it should be made available to your event team and stakeholders. 

A list of things it might include are: 

  • key timings
  • event contact list
  • room use schedule
  • site plan
  • access passes
  • audio
  • visual and technical requirements
  • ticketing plan
  • food and beverage / vendors list
  • alcohol management plan
  • parking plan or traffic management plan
  • security plan
  • conditions of entry
  • emergency services plan
  • merchandise
  • waste management plan
  • health and safety
  • accessibility
  • media.

To get further advice on putting together an effective Event Management Plan, please contact us. 


Organisers have a responsibility to ensure that elders, people with disabilities, and impairments have a positive experience. This includes providing clear and timely information about the event and its facilities.

This checklist is designed to help event organisers assess their event accessibility. It refers to access requirements set down in NZS 4121:2001 – Design for Access and Mobility but is not a legal compliance document.

This checklist has been adapted from Arts Access Aotearoa's Accessibility checklist, with help from our Disability Advisory Group. 

Accessibility checklist(DOCX, 194KB)

Further resources and more in-depth information can be found on the following website.

Arts Access Aotearoa (artsaccess.org.nz)

Health and safety

The Health and Safety and Risk Management Plan template contains suggestions of what to include to provide event context and how to complete a Risk Assessment Hazard ID register.

It has an incident log template and an induction checklist template.

Event Health and Safety and Risk Management Plan template(DOCX, 70KB)

Zero waste

To lessen the effect of an event to the environment, it's helpful to think about ponder about a Zero Waste event.

This template provides an outline to help develop a Zero Waste event including:

  • key stakeholders and their commitment to Zero Waste
  • bin types and waste streams expected
  • collection system management
  • communications
  • recycling ambassadors (volunteers)
  • bin number and locations
  • a site plan. 

Zero Waste Plan template(DOCX, 1MB)

Managing alcohol at large events

Combining large numbers of people and the consumption of alcohol requires careful planning. This is to ensure that the event is safe and meets the object of the Sale and Supply of Alcohol Act 2012 (the Act). 

The following guideline offers advice, guidance and recommendations planning alcohol management at events. It's written for both event professionals and one-off event holders.

Guidelines for managing alcohol at large events (alcohol.org.nz)

Smoke-free and vape-free tool kit 

The Northland District Health Board and the Cancer Society have authorised bilingual No Smoking / No Vaping signage, which are all accessible for download. 

Smoke-free and vape-free signs(PDF, 523KB)