Raumanga Shared Path extensions

  • Project typeShared path
  • Project value$5 million
  • Completion Date19 April 2023
Picture showing Raumanga Shared Path near Bernard Street.

The Raumanga Shared Path will be extended towards the central city, ultimately connecting past the new Civic Centre to the Kamo Shared Path.

The project is funded through the "shovel-ready" works programme from the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment and will be built in three stages:

  • The existing path between Tarewa intersection and Bernard Street will be upgraded with lighting, CCTV and general improvements to increase amenity and make the path safer.

  • New pathway will be constructed following the Raumanga Stream from Bernard Street through to Keays Road.  This will involve major clearing of the weed and pest tree species along the river. Will be aiming to achieve as many of the Blue Green Network Strategy objectives as possible.  Those we don’t meet may be funded later through the Blue Green Network program.

  • From Keays Road there will be a signal-controlled crossing over Maunu Road into Carruth Park. The walkways through to First Avenue and Second Avenue will be upgraded with lighting, taking people either to First or Second Ave then north-west to Central Avenue.  A designated safe crossing point will be provided across Central Avenue, leaving a short ride on a quiet street to access Cafler Park.

The first section to be constructed will be the Avenues section through to Carruth Park, followed by the section along the Raumanga Stream and the upgrade of the existing section.