Policies are the procedures and guidelines that govern Whangarei District Council activities.

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Our Alfresco Dining Policy outlines how Council land can be used as outdoor seating for cafes and restaurants. It doesn't apply to private land. Our policy encourages appropriate, well designed alfresco dining that enhances areas for pedestrians, diners, visitors and residents.

It has special sections that apply to Cameron Street Mall and the Town Basin.

Backflow prevention devices stop contaminated liquids entering the water supply system.  The Backflow Prevention Policy outlines Council's commitment to the protection of drinking water, and contains guidance for industrial, commercial and residential properties. Residential properties must have a testable backflow prevention device at the property boundary if they have:

  • an alternative water supply
  • swimming pool
  • spa
  • irrigation system.

The Board Venue Policy specifies whether or not new TAB Board Venues may be established in the District and where they may be located.  It allows for a maximum of two Board Venues in our District.

The policy only applies to stand-alone TAB Board Venues, which are operated by the New Zealand Racing Board.  It does not apply to pubs or clubs who provide TAB gambling opportunities. 

The Development Contributions Policy covers how Council calculates and administers the financial contributions made by developers to help cover the costs of new Council infrastructure. This helps to cater for increasing populations living in new developments. Infrastructure includes water supply, wastewater and stormwater systems, roading and reserves.



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