Rates database

You can use the database to search for valuation and rating information about a specific property. This information does not include details of arrears, remissions or postponed rates.

Search for your property in our rates database 

This rating information should not be used to calculate rates for properties being sold.

Please note that we rate only those properties that are in our database as at 30 June. If there is a change to any property during the rating year (i.e. subdivision) this will only appear the following rating year.

Object to rating information database

Any ratepayer may object to the information contained in the database, on one or more grounds.  For more information and to object, please view the link below: 

Object to the rating information database

If you see information that is incorrect, out of date or omitted you can contact us to have a correction or update made.


Opteon are contracted by us to conduct general revaluations every three years. The latest valuations are dated as at 1 July 2021.   

The 2023-2024 rates are calculated using the values at 1 July 2021.

Rates owing and owner information

The information displayed for each property is taken from our rating information database (RID) and rates record.

There is some information that we do not display in the results such as the owner of the property and any rates owing.

If you are the property owner or other authorised person, you can obtain this information by making an online enquiry or calling us.

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Phone: 09 430 4200

Rates settlement

If you are a solicitor or an agent and require rates information for a property settlement, please fill in our online form:

Request rates settlement

Northland Regional Rates

Information about the Northland Regional Council (NRC) rates for Whangarei District ratepayers can be found on their website.

NRC Rates Information (nrc.govt.nz)

LINZ rating valuation rules

For information regarding the rating valuation rules visit the Land Information New Zealand website.

LINZ Rating Valuation Rules (linz.govt.nz)