Kotuitui Whitinga bridge

The Kotuitui Whitinga pedestrian and cycle bridge spans the western half of the Waiarohia stream from Port Road.

It completes the Hātea Loop walkway between the Town Basin, Port Road and Riverside Drive. 

The bridge was completed in August 2014.

The bridge has a central rotating section that allows it to be opened for boats using the Waiarohia Stream.

Opening the bridge

While many boats will be able to pass under the bridge without requiring the bridge to be opened, skippers of boats over 2.5m in height will need to phone or radio a request to have the bridge opened. There is no charge for this service.

Kotuitui Whitinga is opened on a scheduled basis at 11:30am each day.

Skippers are encouraged to make use of this time if tide conditions are suitable.

Boats waiting for the bridge to be opened can tie up to mooring piles on either side of the bridge.

Boats under 2.5m in height will not need the bridge to be opened.

The bridge will not be opened in gale force wind conditions.

Preference given to incoming or outgoing vessels varies daily and will be indicated by bridge control.

Response time

During normal operating hours our target response time is 5 minutes for the bridge to be raised from the time a request is received by bridge control.

Outside of normal operating hours, the service is on-call and we have a target response time of 30 minutes from the time a request is received.

If you need the bridge to be raised outside of normal operating hours we encourage you to ring ahead to book a time.

For bookings our target response time is within 5 minutes of the agreed time (subject to the boat arriving on time).

Waiting vessels can tie to the Marina Pontoons at each side of the bridge. To contact bridge control to open the bridge and for instructions. Wait for permission from bridge control on VHF before proceeding.

Watch electronic notice board on face of bridge at all times for messages and instructions.

Guidance for visiting Northland's waters and marinas (nrc.govt.nz)

Coloured lighting requests

Kotuitui Whitinga can be lit up in beautiful colours at night time. This is a free service for organisations wanting to commemorate special events.

  • Available to organisations only – not individuals or families.
  • Events with regional, national or international significance will be given priority.
  • Lighting changes must last at least two weeks due to installation time.
  • Some colours, such as red and green, are not allowed for navigation safety.
  • Kotuitui Whitinga has fewer colour restrictions.
  • It is not always possible for us to accept every light colouring request.

Request coloured lighting on the Kotuitui Whitinga bridge

Kotuitui Whitinga river bridge on the Hātea loop.