Water fees and charges

Image of whau valley dam for Water fees page.

Our fees and charges for the 2021 / 2022 financial year are provided below.

All fees are stated as GST inclusive and are set by legislation. We reserve the right to review any fees and charges at any time. Please check with us for any updates.

Water connections / disconnections

Service connection to or disconnection to the public utility infrastructure $428.00

Meter testing

25mm diameter and under $ 401.00
Over 25mm up to 40mm diameter $458.00
Over 40mm diameter $667.00

Meter only water connections

20mm manifold meter only $340.00
20mm manifold + meter $656.00
20mm manifold + meter + box $736.00
20mm In line meter + dual check valve $538.00
Cast iron meter box (materials only) $204.00

Boundary backflow devices

Basis of assessment Amount
Provision of service per connection based on the nature of connection
15 / 20mm connection $80.42
25mm connection $81.52
32mm connection $96.44
40mm connection $98.69
50mm connection $102.39
80 / 100mm connection $257.89
150mm connection $301.90
200mm connection $500.01

Special meter reading

For special meter readings requested by customers for each meter reading outside the normal reading cycle $66.00

Standpipes metered

Meter reading (monthly) $79.00
Weekly hire (minimum charge one week) $37.00

Tanker filling point - Kioreroa Road and Sime Road

Per fill $17.00

Water consumption rates

Water consumption - per m3 (standard domestic charge) $2.32
Water supply charge $35.00