An illustration of a bin on a red background with Dispose written underneath.

Landfills should be used as a last resort for items that have reached the end of their life that cannot be refused, reduced, reused, recycled or composted.

Rubbish we throw away in our District ends up in the Northland Regional Landfill Puwera.

Puwera landfill has been designed to meet stringent criteria. It includes the following features:

  • Stormwater diversion
  • A liner system to capture landfill leachate
  • A gas capture system to minimise the release of greenhouse gases and with the potential to generate electricity
  • A landfill capping and restoration plan.

You can use our recycling and disposal guide to help with the reuse, recycling and safe disposal options for everyday products and household items.

A to Z recycling and disposal guide