An illustration showing a reusable shopping bag on a purple background with Reuse written underneath.

Learn ways to reuse and re-purpose items rather than sending them to landfill and find contact details for local groups who can help mend and repair your items.

Pass it on

  • Donate, sell or swap unwanted items – one person’s trash is another’s treasure!
  • Host a clothes swap at your home with a group of friends
  • Consider passing on unwanted items as gifts to friends and whānau
  • Consider shopping second hand as your first option

Bring your own

  • Containers for refill and bulk buying stores
  • Coffee cups and water bottles
  • Reusable cutlery and straws
  • Food containers for takeaways
  • Reusable cloth napkins and handkerchiefs instead of disposable
  • Reusable shopping bags

An image showing orange and blue reusable plastic coffee cups.

Ideas for re-purposing items

  • Use shoe boxes for organisation or storage
  • Use the fabric bags that bedsheets come in as organisers for laundry or packing
  • Reuse empty food containers as Tupperware
  • Reuse empty beauty containers for storing small items in your home
  • Use paper bags for gift wrapping
  • Use tin cans as pencil holders
  • Use glass jars as cutlery holders
  • Use plastic bottles as watering devices for your garden

Repair and care

  • Mend and repair clothes before throwing away and buying new replacements. Simple sewing skills will go a long way. There are some great instructions and advice on the Love Your Clothes website.

Repair and alteration advice

  • Get familiar with your local repair shops for electronics and gadgets, or have a go by searching on YouTube to see if it’s a simple fix you can do yourself.
  • Contact local community repair groups who might be able to help
    • Men’s Shed on Railway Road or THRIFT in McLeod Bay for household items

    Men's Shed Whangārei website

    THRIFT website

    • EcoSolutions for clothing mending and upcycling

    Upcoming events - EcoSolutions website

    • Whare Bike for free bike repair drop-in sessions

    Whare Bike Facebook page

  • Get stuck in with DIY and have a go at fixing old furniture or household items yourself, or hire a tradie.
  • Learn to look after items properly to make them last longer. For clothes, read the fabric care labels and follow the instructions, wash less dirty clothes at a lower temperature and spot treat stains rather than washing the whole item. 

Tips for clothes care - Ecostore website

  • Invest in better quality items when purchasing so that they will last longer where possible.