Northport Limited - Port Expansion project at Marsden Point

  • Council RefsWDC Ref LU2200107 and NRC Ref APP.040976.01.01
  • ProposalThe proposal seeks to enable the expansion of Northport’s existing facilities to increase freight storage and handling capacity, and support Northport’s transition into a high-density container terminal.
  • CategoryLand Use
  • Applicant nameNorthport Ltd
  • StatusHearing Scheduled

Northport, Ralph Trimmer Drive, Marsden Point, Whangārei 0171  View Map

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Whangarei District Council (WDC) and Northland Regional Council (NRC) have jointly received an application from Northport Limited for the Port Expansion project at Marsden Point. 

Description of activity

The proposal seeks to enable the expansion of Northport’s existing facilities to increase freight storage and handling capacity, and support Northport’s transition into a high-density container terminal.

WDC Ref:  LU2200107

The application made to Whangarei District Council is to:

  1. Apply the Port Zone permitted activity standards for Building and Major Structure Height to, and enable port operations within, the proposed reclamation area.
  2. To apply the Port Noise Standards (NZS 6809:1999) rather than the District Plan Noise standards to port operations on the proposed reclamation area, and across the existing Port.
  3. Undertake earthworks and vegetation clearance in the Coastal Area and erection of public toilets within the coastal setback.
  4. Change / cancel noise and landscape conditions on existing resource consents for consistency with the proposed activity. 

NRC Ref:  APP.040976.01.01

The application to Northland Regional Council is for:

  1. Approximately 11.7 hectares of reclamation and associated coastal structures for a 250 metre wharf extension.
  2. 1.72 million cubic metres of capital dredging and associated disposal and ongoing maintenance dredging.
  3. Riparian earthworks and associated stormwater diversions and discharges
  4. Operational stormwater discharges from use of the reclamation area.
  5. Creation of an inter-tidal high tide bird roost.
  6. Ancillary coastal structures to the reclamation area for tug berths and a public pontoon.


Submissions closed on Thursday 15 December 2022.  

This joint public notification of applications for resource consent is given pursuant to Section 95A of the Resource Management Act 1991. 

2 November 2022


Hearing will be reconvened by remote facilities (on‐line as opposed to in person) on Thursday 23 May 2024 commencing at 9.00 am.

Cover page and table of contents(PDF, 671KB)

Introduction(PDF, 409KB)

Evaluation of alternatives(PDF, 93KB)

Project description(PDF, 2MB)

Existing environment(PDF, 4MB)

Assessment of effects(PDF, 1MB)

Statutory planning assessment(PDF, 604KB)

Engagement with mana whenua(PDF, 206KB)

Public consultation(PDF, 142KB)

Appendix 1: Fourth Schedule checklist(PDF, 404KB)

Appendix 2: Issues and Options report [Northport](PDF, 7MB)

Appendix 3: Design Drawings [WSP](PDF, 6MB)

Appendix 4: Noise Assessment [Marshall Day Acoustics](PDF, 8MB)

Appendix 5: Draft Management Plans(PDF, 4MB)

Appendix 6: Pocket Park Concept Plan [Boffa Miskell](PDF, 6MB)

Appendix 7: Certificates of Title(PDF, 2MB)

Appendix 8: Marine and Coastal Area (Takutai Moana) Act 2011 correspondence(PDF, 303KB)

Appendix 9: Hydrodynamic, Morphodynamic, and Dredge Plume modelling reports [Met Ocean](PDF, 13MB)

Appendix 10: Coastal Processes Assessment [Tonkin and Taylor](PDF, 7MB)

Appendix 11: Assessment of Marine Ecological Effects [Coast and Catchment](PDF, 11MB)

Appendix 12: Peer review of Assessment of Ecological Effects [Cawthron Institute](PDF, 1MB)

Appendix 13: Coastal Avifauna Assessment [Boffa Miskell](PDF, 13MB)

Appendix 14: Potential Effects on Marine Mammals [Cawthron Institute](PDF, 5MB)

Revised Appendix 15: Assessment of Landscape, Natural Character, and Amenity Effects [Brown NZ Ltd](PDF, 9MB)

Appendix 16: Archaeological Assessment [Clough and Associates](PDF, 3MB)

Appendix 17: Northland Marine Oil Spill Contingency Plan(PDF, 9MB)

Appendix 18: Design Report [WSP](PDF, 5MB)

Appendix 19: Recreation Effects Assessment [Rob Greenaway and Associates](PDF, 9MB)

Appendix 20: Stormwater Assessment [Hawthorn Geddes](PDF, 8MB)

Appendix 21: Air Quality Effects Assessment [Pattle Delamore Partners](PDF, 12MB)

Appendix 22: Economic Assessment [Market Economics](PDF, 1MB)

Appendix 23: Refining NZ Crude Shipping Project (AUT.037197) resource consent(PDF, 12MB)

Appendix 24: Cultural Effects and Values Assessments [Patuharakeke](PDF, 9MB)

Appendix 25: Assessment of Underwater Noise Effects [Styles Group](PDF, 8MB)

Appendix 26: Navigation Safety Report [Northport](PDF, 1MB)

Appendix 27: Traffic Impact Assessment [WSP](PDF, 6MB)

Appendix 28: Planning Policy Analysis(PDF, 1MB)

Appendix 29: Marine Ecology Fieldwork and Stormwater Monitoring Reports [4Sight](PDF, 12MB)

Site map - Northport(PDF, 759KB)

B Hood evidence (planning) + Attachment 1 – 3(PDF, 13MB)

B Hood evidence (planning) Attachment 4 – Marked up WDC conditions(PDF, 2MB)

B Hood evidence (planning) Attachment 4 – Marked up NRC conditions(PDF, 6MB)

B Hood evidence (planning) Attachment 4 – Clean WDC conditions(PDF, 486KB)

B Hood evidence (planning) Attachment 4 – Clean NRC conditions(PDF, 2MB)

J Stanway evidence (structural)(PDF, 1MB)

J Pettersson (environmental management)(PDF, 5MB)

J Moore evidence (company)(PDF, 1MB)

J Blackburn evidence (stormwater)(PDF, 7MB)

G Blomfield evidence (company)(PDF, 4MB)

G Akehurst evidence (economics)(PDF, 539KB)

S Kelly evidence (marine ecology)(PDF, 3MB)

S Flynn evidence (ecology)(PDF, 250KB)

S Brown evidence (landscape)(PDF, 7MB)

R Sneddon evidence (marine ecology peer review)(PDF, 301KB)

R Reinen-Hamill evidence (coastal processes)(PDF, 426KB)

R Greenaway evidence (recreation)(PDF, 1MB)

Professor D Fox evidence (turbidity methodology)(PDF, 1MB)

P Mitchell evidence (planning)(PDF, 356KB)

N Harrison evidence (transport)(PDF, 279KB)

Mahim Khanna evidence (port operations)(PDF, 1MB)

M Pine evidence (underwater acoustics)(PDF, 491KB)

M Jagger evidence (company – board)(PDF, 278KB)

L Bull evidence (coastal avifauna)(PDF, 7MB)

D Isaacs evidence (cultural)(PDF, 536KB)

D Clement evidence (marine mammals)(PDF, 494KB)

C Fitzgerald evidence (terrestrial acoustics)(PDF, 18MB)

B Goodchild evidence (navigation safety)(PDF, 444KB)

B Beamsley evidence (hydrodynamics morphodynamics)(PDF, 2MB)

A Curtis evidence (air quality)(PDF, 3MB)

B Hood evidence (planning) Attachment 4 – WDC conditions – Plan Berth 5 – Rev B – Aerial(PDF, 805KB)

B Hood evidence (planning) Attachment 4 – WDC conditions – Plan Berth 5 – Rev B(PDF, 271KB)

B Hood evidence (planning) Attachment 4 – WDC conditions – Planting plan(PDF, 58KB)

B Hood Addendum Evidence Planning (13 September 2023)(PDF, 191KB)

S Kelly rebuttal statement (marine ecology)(PDF, 315KB)

R Reinen-Hamill rebuttal statement (coastal processes)(PDF, 1MB)

P Mitchell rebuttal statement (planning)(PDF, 369KB)

N Harrison rebuttal statement (transport)(PDF, 256KB)

L Bull rebuttal statement (avifauna)(PDF, 2MB)

J Pettersson rebuttal statement (environmental management)(PDF, 208KB)

D Isaacs rebuttal statement (cultural)(PDF, 267KB)

D Clement rebuttal statement (marine mammals)(PDF, 556KB)

B Hood rebuttal statement (planning)(PDF, 413KB)

B Goodchild rebuttal statement (navigation)(PDF, 350KB)

B Beamsley rebuttal statement (hydrodynamic modelling)(PDF, 1MB)

B Hood Attachment 2 NRC Conditions(PDF, 12MB)

B Hood Attachment 1 WDC Conditions(PDF, 9MB)

Patuharakeke Te Iwi Trust: Memorandum of council(PDF, 115KB)

NorthPort: Memorandum of counsel(PDF, 221KB)

Memorandum of counsel NorthPort evidence from applicant(PDF, 831KB)

Memorandum of council on behalf of Director-General of Conservation (4 September 2023)(PDF, 831KB)

Direction No. 6 Evidence Planning (13 September 2023)(PDF, 137KB)

Direction No. 7 Evidence Exchange (13 September 2023)(PDF, 147KB)

Direction No. 8 Evidence Exchange (14 September 2023)(PDF, 140KB)

Memorandum of counsel for Seafuels Ltd(PDF, 57KB)

Memorandum on behalf of Channel Infrastructure re evidence exchange (September 2023)(PDF, 262KB)

Email from Waka Kotahi(PDF, 200KB)

Direction No. 9 Excused Witnesses (3 October 2023)(PDF, 104KB)

NorthPort Limited: Memorandum of counsel responding to Direction 9(PDF, 217KB)

Corporate Statement by David Gordon on behalf of KiwiRail Holdings Limited(PDF, 902KB)

Direction No. 10 Additional Excused Witnesses (4 October 2023)(PDF, 134KB)

Marsden Cove Limited and Marsden Cove Canals Management – update on position(PDF, 690KB)

Northport Limited: Memorandum of counsel (27 October 2023)(PDF, 225KB)

Supplementary Statement of Evidence – Steve Mutton for Waka Kotahi(PDF, 622KB)

Memorandum of counsel - Report on draft cultural conditions(PDF, 223KB)

Memorandum of counsel - Second monthly report on draft cultural conditions(PDF, 209KB)

NorthPort Limited: Memorandum of counsel response to Direction 15(PDF, 159KB)

Response to Direction 15 - Stormwater and Groundwater(PDF, 10MB)

Memorandum of counsel - third monthly report draft cultural conditions(PDF, 228KB)

Direction No. 16 Stormwater Matters (08 March 2024)(PDF, 256KB)

Memorandum of counsel - fourth monthly report draft cultural conditions(PDF, 793KB)

 NPL Memorandum of counsel - final report on engagement with PTITB(PDF, 160KB)

Tabled document from CR Howell(PDF, 101KB)

Northport submission – M Duindam(PDF, 265KB)

Director General of Conservation – legal submissions – Northport (October 2023)(PDF, 942KB)

Northport Limited Opening Legal Submissions(PDF, 762KB)

Waka Kotahi Legal Submissions(PDF, 179KB)

Waka Kotahi – Northport Joint Supplementary Statement(PDF, 411KB)

Waka Kotahi – Northport attachment A Tracked Rebuttal Conditions (11 October 2023)(PDF, 377KB)

Waka Kotahi – Northport Attachment B conditions No Markup (11 October 2023)(PDF, 262KB)

S Kelly Summary Statement(PDF, 146KB)

R Reinen-Hamill Summary Statement(PDF, 117KB)

R Greenaway Summary Statement(PDF, 110KB)

N Harrison Summary Statement(PDF, 118KB)

M Jagger Summary Statement(PDF, 112KB)

L Bull Summary Statement(PDF, 134KB)

J Pettersson Summary Statement(PDF, 114KB)

J Moore Summary Statement(PDF, 94KB)

J Blackburn Summary Statement(PDF, 88KB)

G Blomfield Summary Statement(PDF, 97KB)

G Akehurst Summary Statement(PDF, 142KB)

D Isaacs Summary Statement(PDF, 93KB)

B Goodchild Summary Statement(PDF, 93KB)

B Beamsley Summary Statement(PDF, 117KB)

S Flynn Summary Statement(PDF, 82KB)

S Brown Summary Statement(PDF, 158KB)

D Clement Summary Statement(PDF, 135KB)

B Hood Summary Statement(PDF, 215KB)

Director-General of Conservation Legal Speaking Notes in Reply(PDF, 126KB)

D-G C Dr Beauchamp Summary Avifauna Summary Speaking Notes(PDF, 136KB)

Submitter Evidence Summary – Steve Mutton (Corporate) for Waka Kotahi(PDF, 203KB)

Northport Summary Statement Steve Tyson(PDF, 644KB)

Northport consent speaking notes(PDF, 144KB)

Northport expansion project – FB – Legal submissions(PDF, 562KB)

Statement of Clinton Heath Jack Craw(PDF, 326KB)

Marsden Maritime Holdings – Statement of R Mercer(PDF, 760KB)

Statement of Stan Semenoff(PDF, 124KB)

Statement of R Twyman(PDF, 124KB)

Statement of C J Niblock – WDC(PDF, 240KB)

Statement of Bream Head Conservation Trust(PDF, 233KB)

Statement of A Skingley – Swire Shipping(PDF, 86KB)

Speaking notes – Northland Inc. – Vaughan Cooper(PDF, 76KB)

Memorandum of council for Channel Infrastructure – presented at Hearing(PDF, 3MB)

Patuharakeke Te Iwi Trust – Final Legal Submissions (26 October 2023)(PDF, 354KB)

Department of Conservation - Summary Statement of L Kirk(PDF, 2MB)

Patuharakeke Te Iwi Trust Board - Summary Statement of Dr R Bulmer(PDF, 103KB)

Patuharakeke Te Iwi Trust Board - Summary Statement of J Chetham(PDF, 191KB)

Patuharakeke Te Iwi Trust Board - Summary Statement of K Bryan(PDF, 83KB)

Patuharakeke Te Iwi Trust Board - Summary Statement of L Pirihi(PDF, 156KB)

Patuharakeke Te Iwi Trust Board - Summary Statement of M Dalton(PDF, 166KB)

Patuharakeke Te Iwi Trust Board - Summary Statement of T Brough(PDF, 158KB)

Patuharakeke Te Iwi Trust - Statement of David Milner(PDF, 690KB)

Statement of E Pepene(PDF, 52KB)

Statement of Hollie Kereopa on behalf of Patuharakeke Te Iwi Trust(PDF, 8MB)

Statement of Luana Pirihi on behalf of Patuharakeke Te Iwi Trust(PDF, 167KB)

Statement of M Fletcher(PDF, 96KB)

Statement of P and E Vaughan(PDF, 1MB)

Statement of Te Rauaroha Deja Tuhoro on behalf of Patuharakeke Te Iwi Trust(PDF, 55KB)

M Kepa - Closing Statement(PDF, 106KB)

Northport submission – supplementary by Te Araroa Northland Trust(PDF, 110KB)

Patuharakeke – Bal Matheson – Counsel’s Notes(PDF, 153KB)

Northport closing submissions(PDF, 679KB)

NPL – memorandum of counsel following adjournment of hearing(PDF, 275KB)

Appendix A – Updated proposed Whangarei District Council conditions(PDF, 2MB)

Appendix A – Updated proposed Northland Regional Council conditions(PDF, 4MB)