Processing a Building Consent

There are five stages involved in receiving and processing applications for building consent.

The process

Step 1.Vetting 

We vet the application, plans and specifications provided. 

If there are issues the application will not be accepted and we will let you know why.

If the application is accepted, initial fees will be calculated and an invoice created. Further charges may be incurred if extra processing time is required. All charges are in line with Council's fees and charges.

Building control fees and charges

Once the complete application is received, the statutory clock will start:
10 days for Multiproof applications
20 days for non Multiproof/standard applications

You will receive an acknowledgment email and details of how you can use the portal to track progress of your consent.

Step 2.Planning assessment

Your application will be assessed for:

  • abiding by the District Plan
  • if any notifications are required under the Building Act
  • if there are Development Contributions to pay.  

If you have applied for a Project Information Memorandum (PIM) this will be issued, with other information we hold that may affect or inform your project. 

If you have not applied for a PIM, you will receive a letter advising of any issues or concerns. 

A fee will be charged for this service, and is part of your initial deposit fee.

Step 3.Technical assessment

A Building Officer will:

  • assess the technical details of the project to ensure it meets the New Zealand Building Act 2004 and Building Code
  • identify where Council inspections and third-party verifications are required
  • conditions for inspections to confirm work is adhering to the approved plans and specifications
  • inform about other conditions that may apply to your consent.

The 20-day clock stops if we need to ask you for further information. 

Any request for information will be provided in writing to you via email and you can respond using the email and return address supplied. 

Please respond quickly with accurate information to avoid delay.

We will be alerted that the information has been supplied and will assist with a speedier response.  Once the information is provided in full, the clock will be started again.

Step 4.Granting

The statutory clock will be stopped when the consent is granted.

The application will be granted when:

  • the Building Officer is reasonably satisfied that the documentation detailing the work, will meet the requirements of the Building Code.
  • payment of all fees has been received.

Do not start any building work until the Building Consent has been issued.

If the officer is not satisfied the proposed work will comply with the code, the application will be refused and reasons given. If this is the case you can complain to either the Manager Building Control or seek a determination from the Ministry.


Determination  (

Step 5.Issuing

In issuing your Building Consent:

  • the Building Consent documentation is prepared 
  • any required notifications are drawn up. 

The Building Consent is a legal document and you will need to make sure that all work is undertaken in accordance with the plans and specifications that have been approved and any conditions have been applied. 

Building Consents Conditions

Please check the details thoroughly and notify us immediately if anything is wrong. 

Your consent pack

Your consent pack will include:

  • a copy of the plans and specifications stamped 'approved' by Council. These must be available at the building site.
  • conditions that need to be adhered to - please read and ensure that you understand the documentation and requirements before starting to build.
  • a list of inspections that are required and details any other documentation that needs to be supplied as the project progresses. You must comply with the requirements of the consent documentation to avoid difficulties later in the project.

If you wish to make a complaint, please follow the link below. 

Compliments, complaints and feedback