Building consents online

Please note:  if you have applied for a Building Consent before 1 September 2021 you must complete a Code Compliance Certificate or Amendment to your building consent in paper form.  All other applications can be online using AlphaOne.

About AlphaOne

AlphaOne is a purpose-built, web-based portal that enables Local Government to manage the entire consent process.

AlphaOne Building Consents (


Register - AlphaOne Building Consents

Once you have registered, you will be sent an automated email to verify your email address is correct.  Follow the verification email link and you will be able to submit your first application.


To apply for an application through AlphaOne, you will need the following:

  • Access to a smartphone, tablet or computer
  • A valid email address
  • Your plans, specifications and supporting documents saved in PDF format.

Tutorial videos

AlphaOne have provided a range of tutorial videos to help you, including:

  • Customer portal overview
  • Reset forgotten password
  • Upload documents 

AlphaOne online tutorial videos ( 

No tablet, computer or smartphone?

If your building consent is for a new residential building or alteration, or if you are putting a new garage or shed on your property, you will, in most  cases, have hired someone to do the work for you.  This person can submit the Building Consent application on your behalf.

If your consent is not being handled by an agent and you do not have access to a computer yourself, internet and computer access is provided for free at your local library.

Whangārei libraries