Murdoch Crescent road safety improvements

  • Project typeSafety improvements
  • Project value$800,000
  • Project scheduleAugust 2023 – July 2024
  • Contractor nameAsset Construction Limited
An image showing Murdoch Crescent road in Raumanga area.

Murdoch Crescent in Raumanga is receiving safety upgrades as part of our Slow Streets programme. The work includes improvements to the school Kea crossing as well as a recessed bus bay to help get kids to school and home safely.

Following a petition from the local community in Raumanga, preliminary designs were sent to residents in 2022. Designs were reviewed and revised to include feedback from the community.

The Slow Streets programme is designed to reduce the speed of cars in urban streets to make them safer for pedestrians and cyclists.

The work includes improving footpaths, crossings, lighting and slowing traffic, particularly around schools and public parks.

What we are doing in Murdoch Crescent

  • Creating safer intersections
  • Installing new raised platforms and speed bumps
  • Creating a new recessed bus bay to allow two way traffic to flow through past the school
  • Improving and renewing footpaths
  • Improving drainage
  • Installing new signage
  • Increasing street-lighting

Graphic map showing part of Murdoch Crescent in Raumanga closed.

What to expect

We completed some drainage work in August 2023. The rest of the works will be completed by May 2024. 

There will be some detours when sections of the road are closed for the work to take place.

Parking will also be restricted in some areas when we carry out the works. 

Please follow all traffic management signs and instructions from the traffic controllers to ensure your safety and that of our workers.  


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