Parks, recreation and tree issues

Report issues with trees, parks, reserves, playgrounds, sports grounds, coastal structures and seawalls.   

Contact us on 0800 932 463 or 09 430 4200 (24 hours a day) if you have an urgent issue.

We will respond to issues reported online outside of our business hours (8:30am to 4:30pm, Monday to Friday) on the next working day.

Coastal structures and seawalls

Help keep our coastal structures in good shape by telling us if you find problems with:

  • wharves
  • pontoons
  • jetties
  • seawalls
  • boat ramps

Report a coastal structure or seawall issue

Playground and skatepark maintenance

Report playground and skatepark issues including:

  • vandalism or missing play equipment or furniture
  • dirty playgrounds, skateparks or equipment
  • requests for new playground or playground equipment
  • playground or skatepark lighting
  • general playground or skatepark maintenance

Please note, we try to fix playground problems as quickly as we can, but sometimes special parts can take a while to arrive.

Report a playground or skatepark issue

Parks and reserves maintenance

Help keep our parks and reserves in good shape by telling us if you find problems with:

  • damaged or vandalised structures, furniture or sculptures
  • weeds, plant or gardens
  • lighting
  • damaged ground surfaces
  • paths and walkways
  • general park maintenance enquiries.

Report a park maintenance issue

To report a public toilet issue, please follow the link below.

Community facilities issues

To report a homelessness issue, please follow the link below.

Community issues

Sports grounds maintenance

Report sports ground issues including:

  • damage or vandalism to playing surfaces or furniture
  • damaged or missing goal posts, netball rings and other sports structures
  • turf maintenance or field marking
  • sports grounds lighting
  • other sports park maintenance enquiries.

Report a sports ground issue


To report a tree that is causing a safety hazard please phone us so we can send someone to attend to it as soon as possible.

Phone: 09 430 4200 or Freephone: 0800 932 463

To report other problems with trees in parks and reserves, and street trees on public land, including:

  • dead, diseased or decaying trees
  • fallen trees
  • issues with root intrusion
  • damaged or hanging branches
  • storm damage to trees
  • clearing trees from power line
  • other tree maintenance enquiries.

Report a tree issue

Walking track maintenance and signage

Report walkways and track maintenance issues including:

  • furniture and structures (e.g. bridges and viewing platforms)
  • track surfaces
  • overgrown vegetation
  • track signage
  • other walking track maintenance enquiries.

Report walkway or track damage

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