Private water supply - prepare for summer!

Published on 13 September 2023

An image of dry mountains and hills during drought period.

Believe it or not, despite a year of seemingly non-stop rain, spring is here and it’s now time for those whose water supply is a rainwater tank, bore or stream, to start getting ready for a drought.

Water Services Manager Andrew Venmore says the El Niño weather pattern has formed in the Pacific Ocean so for most of the Whangārei District this summer it will be windier and drier than usual.

“Council supplies water to about 70% of the population, and even our water levels can get low after long dry periods. We are set up to monitor our system for leaks constantly, but people on private systems (about 30% of our District’s 100,000 people) have to look after their own.

“People on private systems have to make sure their own systems are secure (no leaks) safe (no impurities).

Private water supply advice

“Finally, remember all the tips and tricks you already know for conserving water, try to make them yearround habits, and talk to visitors so they know your rules as well. There are dozens of good resources on water saving online,” said Mr Venmore.