Do I need to consult my neighbour?

Image of houses in a residential neighbourhood.

There is no requirement to consult your neighbours as part of making an application for a resource consent.

However, it may make the resource consent application process more straightforward if you have your neighbour’s written approvals.

The person providing written approval must complete and sign our Written Approval form. All documentation sighted in providing the written approval should either be listed on the form or signed copies provided to us. 

Affected parties written approval form(PDF, 781KB)

If you are unsure if getting written approval will help your Resource Consent application, we recommend you seek advice from a suitably qualified planning professional.

Planning consultants directory (

Written approvals for deemed permitted boundary applications

Before an application can be made for a deemed permitted boundary activity, written approval from neighbours with an infringed boundary will be required.

The Deemed Permitted Boundary application form includes a section that needs to be completed and signed by the neighbour providing written approval, in addition to them signing the plans.

Apply for a deemed permitted boundary