Professional advice

Whether considering or undertaking building work it is important, that you as an owner, ensure that you seek advice and guidance from industry professionals. These will be a range of people including builders but also include designers/architects and engineers.

The Building Act 2004 in section 14, describes the various parties that are used in the construction industry and their responsibilities. 

Building Act 2004 section 14 - Responsibilities

Professionals need to be registered by either the Licensed Building Practitioner scheme, Engineering New Zealand or a similar professional body. This helps us, Council/Building Consent Authority, have confidence in their abilities and competency, as it should you the home owner or developer.

If you need an engineer, you can use the search tool on the Engineering New Zealand web site to find or check their registration.

Find an engineer - Engineering New Zealand web site

Please note that Engineers must work within their scope of competency.

Restricted Building Work

Licensed Building Practitioners should, ideally be used with design and construction work and their involvement recorded by certificates and records of work. For more information check out the Ministry's webpages:

Choosing the Right People for your type of building work

Choosing a building practitioner

Licensed Building Practitioners