Wharf Road wharf at Parua Bay

Picture of the wharf at Wharf Road fenced off to public.

The wharf at Wharf Road, Parua Bay is nearly 100 years old. In 2022, the wharf was deemed unsafe after two consultant engineering companies assessed it.

When an asset gets to this point, council investigates all options. These include the pros and cons (costs and benefits) to the community of restoration, demolition and replacement, or demolition.

What we are doing

In February 2024, council decided to install a new platform over the old deck, extending the life of the wharf for an estimated 10 years. While the concrete slabs will continue to deteriorate under the platform, catastrophic failure is not expected. The structure will remain on Councils’ routine inspection schedule.

Work will begin as soon as a contractor has been finalised.

In the meantime, the wharf remains closed to the public until its restoration is complete.

Image showing structural damage on the Parua Bay Wharf.   


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