Wharf Road wharf at Parua Bay

Picture of the wharf at Wharf Road fenced off to public.

The wharf at Wharf Road, Parua Bay is nearly 100 years old and has reached the end of its life. It is unsafe for public use and signs are installed advising the public not to use the wharf for safety reasons.

What we are doing?

In 2022, the wharf at Wharf Road was deemed unsafe after two consultant engineering companies assessed it. The public asked for an independent peer review of the first engineering report. The peer review was done and confirmed initial findings that the wharf is not safe. Subsequently, we have erected some fencing to stop people from accessing it.

When an asset gets to this point, we investigate all options. These include the pros and cons (costs and benefits) to the community of restoration, demolition and replacement, or demolition.

In the meantime, the wharf remains closed to the public until its demolition can get underway. The wharf should be demolished to prevent people from using it and getting hurt. 

Image showing structural damage on the Parua Bay Wharf.

Next steps

We are currently investigating other options for strengthening the wharf. When we know more, we will present and discuss the options with the community. 

Any demolition or construction must meet all resource consent requirements including managing / preventing impacts on the environment and any nearby infrastructure, such as the water and wastewater networks and the road to the site. We have checked with Heritage NZ and Parua Bay Tangata Whenua and there are no special protections on this site.

Image from Engineering Assessment report showing that the Parua Bay wharf is unstable.


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