Building consent calculator

You can estimate your Building Consent costs using our calculator.

In order to achieve the best outcome from the calculator, you must:

  • input the value of the building work and
  • include materials and labour at commercial rates. 

If you have a contract price, that includes these costs, that will be sufficient.

Building Consent calculator

The calculation is a deposit and further charges may be incurred if:

  • additional time is required to process the application
  • extra inspections are carried out through the building process. 

We have a schedule of fees and charges for building consents, but actual costs will vary depending on:

  • the size and nature of your project
  • the number of inspections required
  • the quality of the supporting information supplied with the application. 

Building consent fees and charges

Additional fees

Additional application processing fees will be invoiced when the Building Consent is granted.

Fees for inspections carried out, additional to those paid for at the time of application, will be invoiced and must be paid before Code Compliance Certificate will be issued.

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