Apply for a new alcohol licence

If you are opening a new business and want to sell alcohol or have applied for a Temporary Authority (or intend to apply), you will need to apply for an alcohol licence.

Temporary licences

If you are taking over an existing business and want to continue selling alcohol you will need a Temporary Authority.

You then have three months from the date the Temporary Authority is issued, to apply for a new alcohol licence.

Apply for a temporary authority(PDF, 209KB)

Apply for new licence

Step 1.Check if other consents are required

You may need resource consent or building consent.

Resource consent

This considers things like the zone your premises is in, the hours you want to open and any impact on neighbours.

We encourage you to meet with us to discuss your proposal. Your first meeting is free.

Request a Pre-application Meeting(PDF, 227KB)

Resource Consents Application guidance notes

Building consent

You may need building consent if you are changing the building in any way, changing the use or increasing the number of visitors.

Step 2.Check what other applications are required

If you are applying for an On, Off or Club Licence, you must have at least one certified duty manger. Follow the link below for further information.

Managers Certificate

If you are applying for an On or Club Licence, food must be available to customers. A food registration is required. Follow the link below for further information.

Food premises

Step 3.Complete your Alcohol Licence application form


An on-licence allows you to sell and supply of alcohol for consumption at a specified premise. For example, a bar, restaurant or café.

New On Licence Application Form(PDF, 420KB)


An off-licence allows for the sale, supply or delivery of alcohol for consumption off the premises where it is sold. For example, bottle stores, supermarkets and online stores.

New Off Licence Application Form(PDF, 434KB)

Club licence

A club licence allows for the sale and supply of alcohol for consumption by club members and their guests. For example, sports clubs and social clubs.

New Club Licence Application Form(PDF, 429KB)

Step 4.Submit your application

You can submit your application and fee in-person, by post or email. You will need to pay any licence fees before we can process your application.

If submitting by post or email, you will be emailed an invoice which must be paid within 20 working days.

Alcohol fees and charges

Step 5.Notifying the public

Once you have submitted your On, Off or Club licence application, the public need to be notified in two ways:

  • Applicant to display public notice of application at entrance to premises within 10 days after submitting the application.
  • Council to upload public notice online within 20 working days of receiving a complete application.

Step 6.Processing your application

It takes a minimum of six weeks to process On, Off and Club licence applications.

The application is reviewed and reported on by the Alcohol Harm Reduction Officer at the NZ Police (Whangārei District), Medical Officer of Health at the Northland District Health Board, NZ Fire and Emergency Service (Whangārei District) and one of our Licensing Officers.

If there are any issues or concerns with the application, or it is opposed by a member of the public you will be contacted and advised of a possible public hearing.

If there are no concerns or issues the application is forwarded to the District Licensing Committee to consider.

If your application is granted, we will issue the licence. There are no refunds for declined applications.

Alcohol licence applications and hearings

Step 7.Your licence is issued

A new licence is issued for one year. You will be required to pay an annual fee when your new licence is granted (if you have not done so already), in order to receive your licence.

It is your responsibility to make sure you renew your licence before it expires and to pay the annual fee. If unopposed, a renewed licence is issued for three years.

By email

Email completed application form to:


An invoice will be emailed to you.  You can either pay online, in person or call us with your details.  We accept Visa and Mastercard payments via our Contact Centre.

Online: Pay an application fee or invoice

Phone: 09 430 4200

By post

Post your completed application to: 

Whangarei District Council 
Private Bag 9023
Te Mai
Whangārei 0143

An invoice will be emailed to you.  You can either pay online, in person or call us with your details.  We accept Visa and Mastercard payments via our Contact Centre.

Online: Pay an application fee or invoice

Phone: 09 430 4200

In person

You can bring your application into one of our customer services centres where you can pay by cash, eftpos or credit card.

Forum North customer service centre
7 Rust Avenue, Whangārei
Monday to Friday - 8:00am to 4:30pm
Closed public holidays

Ruakākā service centre 
9 Takutai Place, Ruakākā
Monday to Friday - 8:30am to 4:00pm
Closed public holidays