Safe drinking water tips for people on private systems

Image of a water tank with yellow pipe on the top.

This page contains advice for people with private water supply systems such as stored rainwater, ground water or bores.

People on private systems have to make sure their own systems are secure (no leaks) and safe (no impurities). 

The video below contains some tips for safe water collection, storage and treatment.

Advice for people using rainwater

Clean spouting and gutters every three months and after storms. Also do this before storms, if there has been a long, dry period.

Every year check and trim overhanging branches, inspect and repair downpipes, check the condition of the roof.

Advice for people using groundwater or bore

Every year check and clean the intake, clean screens, check for cracking and damage around the bore casing.

Get a full maintenance done by a professional every 5 to 8 years. 

Advice for people using a storage tank

Every three months check inlet and outlet screens, access covers, clear strainer of debris (and after storms) and check for mosquito larvae in tank water.

Every year check the structural condition of the tank, check sludge levels and internal cleanliness every 2 years or as required.

If the tank is dirty get it cleaned by a tank cleaning company.

Advice for people using a distribution system

Once a year check plumbing or piping is fully operational and well-maintained. 

Tips for maintaining water treatment system

Every week check that the Ultraviolet light is operating and free from scum.

Check and replace filters and Ultraviolet bulb as per manufacturer’s instructions. 

Water testing

Our laboratory at Kioreroa Road will test water samples for E. coli or chemicals.

Call: 09 430 4220

Water testing laboratory