Raised platforms in Waipū Cove

  • Project typeSafety improvements
  • Project value$570,000
  • Project scheduleOctober 2023 - end November 2023
  • Contractor nameWM Construction
An image of the Waipu Cove road showing beach in the background.

We are carrying out a project to improve pedestrian safety and reduce vehicle speeds in Waipū Cove following requests from the community.

Earlier this year we consulted with the community on our plans and made some changes to our designs which are summarised below.

As part of these safety works we are planning to begin construction of two raised platforms and a raised pedestrian crossing between October and November 2023.

These platforms are designed to slow traffic speeds in the busy pedestrian areas along Cove Road, near the dairy and beach. A recent survey showed only 10% of cars are travelling through these areas at the correct speed limit.

What safety work are we doing?

  • Painting the road to mark speed zone changes
  • Installing two new raised platforms
  • Installing a new zebra crossing on a raised platform
  • Improving access to the beach-side car park
  • Formalising car parks with marked lines and no-parking zones along Cove Road
  • Creating new footpaths and widening and renewing some existing footpaths
  • Connecting a new footpath for pedestrians in front of the dairy and formalising parking with marked lines
  • Formalising some vehicle accesses with marked lines
  • Improving drainage

Map showing location of roadworks and raised platforms on Cove Road, Waipu Cove.

Why are we doing this?

Local residents have been advocating for pedestrian safety improvements to Cove Road since 2017. These requests have been incorporated into our long-term plan process as well as a recent speed limit review.

A traffic speed survey conducted earlier in 2023 showed over 90% of drivers are not keeping to the revised speed limits.

2017 – Community requests a pedestrian crossing at Waipū Cove and measures to reduce speed and increase pedestrian safety.

2019 – Community requests a pedestrian crossing at Waipū Cove be added to the Long Term Plan.

2020 – The project is added to the 2021-24 Long Term Plan and consulted on with the community and then voted on by Council.

2020/2021 – Waipū Speed Limit Review – drop-in session and community consultation resulted in speed limits being lowered on parts of Cove Road.

April 2023 – Concerns are raised about the need for the safety works to go ahead. Council voted again on the project in May 2023 and confirmed it will go ahead.

June 2023 – A drop-in session is held to get public feedback on the proposal.

July – September 2023 – Detailed designs are revised to address public feedback. A safety audit is undertaken on designs.

Updates in response to community feedback

The designs for this project were reviewed by the community earlier this year and the common feedback themes and changes we are making as a result are summarised below:

  • requests to make the speed limit consistent – i.e. all 40km/h as 30km/h is too slow (especially during winter months).

The speed limits in this area were recently reviewed following our speed limit review process. You can find out more about this process here:

Speed limit reviews

  • requesting treatment of the 40km/h zone as well – people speed as much in this zone as the 30km/h zone.

We will be painting the road to show speed zone changes. These will be very obvious, red painted markings spanning the road, that show the speed change, and is best practice where significant changes in speed zones occur.

The locations of the proposed raised platforms and these painted road markings have been spread out as evenly as possible across the speed zones.

  • requests to shift the platform locations, not have them at all and to be mindful of the design of them.

In line with the comments we received, a platform has been installed further north of St Annes Road, between the 40km/h and 30km/h zones, the central platform has been relocated to align with the St Annes walkway opposite the dairy and the southern platform will be a zebra crossing on a raised platform outside the Cove Café which will connect across the carpark to the beach access.

The setting of speed limits rules require us to undertake further measures if set speed limits are not being adhered to. Recent surveys show that 90% of motorists through this corridor are not keeping to the speed limits. The raised platforms are an important tool for slowing the speed of cars so removing them is not an option.

  • requests for safe and suitable parking.

On-road parking will be formalised with yellow lines and parking spaces clearly marked. Road widths have been taken into consideration to make sure that traffic flow is not impeded by parked cars.

  • consideration for the boat ramp, boat parking and its access.

We are working with the Waipū Cove Reserve Board who manage the beach-side car park on behalf of the Department of Conservation. The direction of access to the carpark and parking will be altered, however the boat ramp access and boat parking will be retained.

  • requests for speed cameras, electronic speed signs (like school zone ones) and better monitoring of speed through the zone by police.

The choice to use speed cameras and where they are positioned is made by Waka Kotahi.

  • requests for other footpath improvements; especially around the dairy.

Parking in front of the dairy will be marked with lines. This may also involve other treatments which have not been confirmed yet. A footpath will be installed to connect the existing footpaths either side. The footpath between the dairy and beach-side car park will be widened and some kerbs will be altered to improve safety.

What to expect?

There will be some disruption while these works are undertaken, which may include stop/go or signalised traffic management, temporary detours and car park or footpath closures and detours.

Details of the disruptions will be updated closer to the start of construction.

We understand these disruptions may cause inconvenience, and we apologise in advance. Our contractors will work to minimise the noise, travel impacts and ensure access for emergency services at all times.