Tropicana seawall project

  • Project typeReplacement seawall
  • Project value$200,000
  • Project scheduleOctober 2023 - December 2023
  • Contractor nameClements Contractors Limited
  • Completion Date18 December 2023
Side view of Tropicana Seawall.

We have built a replacement seawall at Tropicana Drive, Tamaterau (between May Grove Lane and Tropicana Drive on the shoreline) that fits with existing topography. 

The old seawall between May Grove Lane and Tropicana Drive, Waikaraka was decaying. Unfortunately, the current seawall was not well constructed and that put the shoreline at risk of further degradation and erosion.

To solve this issue, a replacement seawall was designed and constructed. This will provide better protection to the shoreline and help eliminate the erosion.

Hawthorn Geddes has provided the design. The design length is 180 metres and the estimated budget is $200,000.

Technical drawings and tender issue of proposed seawall(PDF, 7MB)


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