Rose Street bus hub upgrade - stage 2

  • Project typeBus hub
  • Project scheduleConstruction starting in May 2024
  • Contractor nameDesigned by Isthmus & Grit
Photo showing Rose Street bus terminal as viewed from inside an arriving bus.

In June 2022, we completed the Rose Street Bus Hub Stage 1 by upgrading roading infrastructure to accommodate additional buses, associated bus shelters, pedestrian crossings and footpaths.

Stage 2

Waka Kotahi have approved funding within the Transport Choices Package for the design and construction phases of Stage 2 of the project.

The existing bus hub has a frontage onto Rose Street where bus stops are located, and backs onto the Vine Street carpark. Existing facilities are rundown and not fit for purpose, encouraging anti-social behaviour. The current pedestrian connection into the city centre (through the Vine Street carpark) is unsafe and not legible.

Stage 2 is to demolish the existing bus hub buildings and replace it them with new public toilets, staff facilities, ticketing office and covered seating area. A new pedestrian link between Rose and Vine Streets will provide a safer connection into the city centre. The new bus hub facilities will improve user experience and encourage new users onto public transport.

Stage 1 (completed in July 2022)

Upgrade of the main bus terminal at Rose Street started in February 2022 and was completed in July 2022. Local company Ventia was awarded the $1.5M project.

New bus shelters have been built beside the additional bus lane, and new road markings have been placed on the fresh seal. A safer, raised “zebra” pedestrian crossing has been built across Bank Street from near Biggie Bagels café to the upgraded terminal.

This upgrade was part of a range of improvements designed to improve on-foot connections and public transport options.

Stage 1 included the following works:

  • new, modern bus shelters that offer better weather protection
  • raised pedestrian crossings on Rose Street and Bank Street to improve safety for pedestrians
  • a wider pavement so buses can safely pass each other inside the terminal
  • more bus stops at the terminal to serve more bus services in future
  • a new bus stop on Bank Street
  • new raised zebra crossing on Bank Street.

This work provides a safe crossing point across Bank Street near the Biggie Bagels café and links to the upgraded terminal.

Why it was upgraded?

For many years the current Rose Street Bus terminal has not been fit for purpose. There are safety concerns with the terminal due to undesirable behaviour, the bus shelters are cold and wet because they are subject to the prevailing weather and the terminal is unattractive and unwelcoming.

As part of our 30 year transport strategy, we are promoting an increase in use of the bus service. This is to reduce congestion in the city, reduce reliance on private vehicle use and to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

The upgrade of the current bus terminal is a key project in increasing the use of the bus service because it will enable an increase in the frequency of buses using the terminal as well as providing a safe, attractive and comfortable facility that will encourage people to use the terminal.

This project is a joint initiative between the Whangarei District Council and the Northland Regional Council.