Rose Street bus terminal upgrade

  • Project typeBus Terminal
  • Project value$1.5 million
  • Project scheduleFebruary - June 2022
  • Contractor nameVentia
Photo showing Rose Street bus terminal as it was in 2021, before work begins.

A $1.5M upgrade of the existing main bus terminal at Rose Street is underway since February 2022, with local company Ventia being awarded the main contract. Work on the overall Rose Street Bus Terminal project is expected to be completed by the end of June 2022.

Due to budget constraints, the project has been broken into two stages. The toilet block and bus kiosk will remain open during construction.

The carparks outside the Grand Hotel and loading zone on Rose Street will stay for three to five years until the increase in bus runs requires another bus stop.

Stage 1 (complete)

Stage 1 included the following works:

  • new, modern bus shelters that offer better weather protection
  • raised pedestrian crossings on Rose Street and Bank Street to improve safety for pedestrians
  • a wider pavement so buses can safely pass each other inside the terminal
  • more bus stops at the terminal to serve more bus services in future
  • a new bus stop on Bank Street.

The Stage 1 works took 3 months and were completed in May 2022.

Stage 2 (June 2022)

Stage 2 includes a new raised “zebra” crossing on Bank Street. This work will provide a safe crossing point across Bank Street near the Biggie Bagels café and will link to the upgraded terminal.

Between the 7 June and 17 June, there will be several days when the northbound lane on Bank Street between Walton Street and Rose Street will be closed to enable construction of new kerbing and islands for the new crossing.

During the closure, a traffic diversion will be in place to direct northbound Bank Street traffic down Vine Street. Over the weekend of 18 – 19 June, there will be a full closure of this section of Bank Street.

A map showing temporary closure of northbound lane of Bank Street.

Why its being upgraded?

For many years the current Rose Street Bus terminal has not been fit for purpose. There are safety concerns with the terminal due to undesirable behaviour, the bus shelters are cold and wet because they are subject to the prevailing weather and the terminal is unattractive and unwelcoming.

As part of its 30 year transport strategy, the Council is promoting an increase in use of the bus service. This is to reduce congestion in the city, reduce reliance on private vehicle use and to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

The upgrade of the current bus terminal is a key project in increasing the use of the bus service because it will enable an increase in the frequency of buses using the terminal as well as providing a safe, attractive and comfortable facility that will encourage people to use the terminal.

Temporary bus stops in Vine Street

Due to safety concerns with constructing the terminal upgrade while buses are operating, the existing bus terminal has been temporarily closed and the CityLink bus operations have been temporarily shifted to Vine Street. Some carparking on Vine Street has been temporarily changed to bus stops to accommodate the bus service.

Temporary seating has been provided on Vine Street to make the temporary bus stops as comfortable as possible for passengers. Upon completion of the terminal construction, these temporary bus stops will be removed and the existing carparks on Vine Street will be reinstated.

We understand that there will be disruption due to this project and we apologise for any impact on bus passengers and local businesses during the construction of these necessary improvements to our transport system.


This project is a joint initiative between the Whangarei District Council and the Northland Regional Council.