Ngunguru seawall restoration

  • Project typeImprovement work
  • Project schedule2023 - 2024
An image showing improvement work taking place at the Ngunguru seawall.

The Ngunguru Seawall has degraded over time and is in need of repair and restoration. The Seawall is a significant infrastructure asset for the Tūtūkākā Coast.

Various plans and concepts have been previously developed and considered in the past. We previously developed plans following community consultation for the restoration of the wall, however these failed to gain Resource Consent from Northland Regional Council as elements of the plans did not comply with the Regional Coastal Policy.

New plans have now been developed and these do have resource consent. These new plans require some work around the established trees and resource consent is currently being sought to allow for this work to be undertaken. 

Details of work

The plans include both the repair of existing seawall and building a new seawall as appropriate. The new / repaired seawall has been designed to allow for further height to be added in future, as needed.

Features of the seawall will include:

  • steps will be 2.4 metres wide with a central handrail to allow maximum accessibility
  • existing ramps to be retained or repaired
  • the steps will be angled to ensure the best and safest gradient
  • existing benches will be removed during construction and replaced once work is complete
  • established trees will be preserved, other plantings will be removed.
  • exotic plants will be removed.
  • healthy native plants will be propagated and replanted.

Ngunguru seawall and crossings plans(PDF, 7MB)

Two community drop-in information sessions were held with Council representatives in August 2022.


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