Kioreroa Road rising mains replacement

  • Project value$6.2 million
  • Project scheduleMarch – December 2024
  • Contractor nameUnited Civil
Map showing the section of new pipe to be layed on Kioreroa Road.

Two old sewer mains carrying wastewater along Kioreroa Road to our District's largest wastewater treatment plant will be replaced over the next seven months.

The work will begin with inspections and investigations in March. Construction will run from April to December.

Contractors United Civil will install the new 1-kilometre-long polyurethane pipe along the southern side of the road, protecting the environment and reducing the need for repairs in the years to come.

Throughout the project, driveways and access to businesses will be retained.

The road from Port Road roundabout to the wastewater treatment plant will remain open in both directions during the day.

One lane may be closed at night with traffic control in place when needed.

There will be no interruption to the wastewater system during this work.