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Our local elections will be conducted by postal vote over three weeks from Friday 16 September 2022 to Saturday 8 October 2022.

Voting packs will be posted to everyone who has enrolled by Friday 16 September 2022.

Voting packs will be delivered by NZ Post between Friday 16 September 2022 and Wednesday 21 September 2022.

There is no online option available.

Enrolment and voting information - Easy Read format(PDF, 3MB) 

Who can vote

Under the Local Electoral Act 2001 only eligible people can vote in local elections.

You’re eligible to enrol and vote if you are 18 years or older, a New Zealand citizen or permanent resident, and you’ve lived in New Zealand continuously for 12 months or more at some time in your life. 

Enrol to vote

How to vote

Once you’ve received your voting papers, it’s up to you to complete your vote, seal it in the pre-paid envelope and post or deliver it to the Electoral Officer.

If you’d like to deliver it in person, we’ll have ballot boxes at both of our Customer Service centres.

Forum North customer service centre
7 Rust Avenue, Whangārei
Monday to Friday - 8:00am to 4:30pm
Closed public holidays

Ruakākā service centre 
9 Takutai Place, Ruakākā
Monday to Friday - 8:30am to 4:00pm
Closed public holidays

It is recommended that postal votes be posted by the Tuesday before election day to guarantee delivery to the Electoral Officer by close of voting at noon on Saturday 8 October 2022.

We have provided a list of New Zealand post boxes so you can post your voting paper.  

Find your ward for the 2022 local elections

The Whangārei District wards have changed for the 2022 local elections.  To find out what ward you will be voting in, view the Election 2022 Wards map and search for your address or choose Use current location. 

Election 2022 Wards map

NZ Post box locations

New Zealand Post boxes are located outside the following locations:

Gifts On Rathbone Street 16 Rathbone Street, Whangārei CBD
Destination Dairy 2 Ewing Road, Riverside
Flaming Fires 30 Commerce Street, Whangārei
Forum North 7 Rust Avenue, Whangārei
GAS Service Station 596 Port Marsden Highway, Ruakākā
Hikurangi Post and Stationary Centre 29 King Street, Hikurangi
iSite Tarewa Park 92 Otaika Road, Raumanga
Kamo Gifts and Books 519 Kamo Road, Kamo
Kensington Stationers and Post Shop 4 Kensington Avenue, Kensington
Matapōuri Bay Store 952 Matapouri Road, Matapōuri
Maungatapere Transport Limited 1151 State Highway 14, Maungatapere
Maunu Hot Bread Shop 74 Maunu Road, Woodhill
Maunu Masonic Village 224 Maunu Road, Horahora
McDonalds Whangārei 1 Apirana Avenue, Regent
Northland Veterinary Practice and Supplies 16 Maunu Road, Avenues
Ngunguru Food Market 1977 Ngunguru Road, Ngunguru
Oakura Bay Store 138 Oakura Road, Ōakura
Onerahi Bookshop 124 Onerahi Road, Onerahi
One Treet Point Store 178 One Tree Point Road, One Tree Point
Otaika Lotto and Post 136-138 State Highway 1 Raumanga
Paper Plus 51 Cameron Street, Whangārei CBD
Parua Bay Four Square 1379 Whangārei Heads Road, Parua Bay
Pepe’s Dairy 110 Onerahi Road, Onerahi
Plunket Rooms 86 Kamo Road, Kensington
Ruakākā Four Square 378 Marsden Point Road, Ruakākā
Te Mai Post 117 Maunu Road, Woodhill
Tikipunga Foodmarket 171 Kiripaka Road, Tikipunga
The Korna Store Dairy 43a Morningside Road, Morningside
Titoki General Store 1475 Mangakahia Road, Titoki
Tui Crescent Foodmarket 1 Tui Crescent, Maunu
Tutukaka General Store 270 Matapouri Road, Tutukākā
Waipu Cove General Store 893 Cove Road, Waipu
Waipu Lotto and Post 45 The Centre, Waipu
Whananaki Beach Store 2162 Whananaki North Road, Whananaki
Whau Valley Dairy 241 Kamo Road, Whau Valley
Unichem Buchanan's Pharmacy Paramount Parade, Tikipunga
Ye Korner Dairy 1 Crawford Crescent, Kamo

You can download a printable version below.

NZ Post box locations(PDF, 48KB)

Special votes

Special votes are available to electors who:

  • have not received their voting pack during the voting period
  • do not appear on the final electoral roll but qualify to vote
  • have spoiled or damaged their voting paper
  • are incorrectly recorded on the electoral roll.

Special votes can be obtained from Council’s Customer Service Centres or the Electoral Officer. Special votes can be posted directly to electors.

Special votes require the completion of a statutory declaration to protect against possible duplicate voting. Special votes must be returned by  noon on Saturday 8 October 2022.

Youth voting

Youth across New Zealand will experience a local council election first-hand as voters in the Ngā Pōti ā-Taiohi - Youth Voting 2022 programme.

Supported by Local Government New Zealand (LGNZ) as part of its Ngā Pōti ā-Taiohi - Vote 2022 campaign for the October local elections, Youth Voting gives students aged 11 to 15 years the opportunity to engage with real issues, decide which candidates best represent their own views, and vote for real candidates in their region.

Local Government New Zealand is now calling for further expressions of interest for Youth Voting 2022, sending a letter to all schools with students in years 7 to 10 inviting them to participate.

Although the students' votes will not be officially counted, the experience of participating in a real election is a powerful way to instill an understanding of the value and importance of local government in New Zealand’s future voters.

Visit the below website to get the teaching resource and find more information on Youth Voting:

Youth voting

Frequently asked questions

Do I have to vote?

No, you do not have to vote, but by voting you are exercising your democratic right to have your say on who represents you in local government.

Your vote is important because the people elected will be responsible for making decisions about what happens in your community for the next three years.

What elections can I vote for?

Electors will be able to vote for the Whangarei District Council Mayor and ward councillors and Northland Regional Council members. There are no longer elections held for District Health Board members.

You do not have to vote for both elections. This will not invalidate votes for other elections on your voting document.

Do I have to vote for all the candidates in the election?

You don’t have to vote for all the candidates or for all the positions.  For example, you can vote for the Mayor without voting for any of your ward candidates.

Under our First Past the Post (FPP) system, you can vote for as many candidates as you want but not more than the number of positions available on the voting document.

So, if you are electing two councillors then you can vote for up to two candidates.

Remember, for FPP you tick the candidates you want to elect.

Why can’t I vote for a certain candidate who is standing for a different ward or another election?

You can only vote for the elections relevant to the area in which you live and in which electoral roll you are on.

For example, you cannot vote for a candidate who is standing in one of the general  wards if you are on the Māori roll.

Equally, you cannot vote in the Far North District Council election if you live and pay rates in the Whangārei District.

Where can I go to learn more about the candidates?

To help you get to know the candidates:

  • There may be candidate meetings held in your community where you can hear what policies the different candidates are advocating for.
  • Your voting papers will include a candidate profile booklet with a photo and a statement of each candidate. This information will also be available on our website after nominations close on 19 August 2022.
  • Candidates may have their own website, social media pages, advertise in local newspapers or send out information to letterboxes in your area.
  • Local media are likely to cover information about the election.

How is the secrecy of my vote ensured?

The voter’s name is not shown on the voting document. 

When the envelope is opened, the only thing the electoral office checks is that each vote is valid i.e. that the voter’s intention is clear and the voter has not ticked or marked more than the number of candidates than there are vacancies.

Returned envelopes containing a voting document cannot be opened unless a Justice of the Peace (JP) is present.

The JP is required to sign off that the processes used by the Electoral Office meet the legal requirements. 

Do I have to post my voting document back?

If you post your document back, you must make sure you have it in the mail by Tuesday 4 October 2022 to reach the Electoral Office in time (by noon Saturday 8 October 2022).

You can also hand deliver your voting document to a ballot box during the voting period (Friday 16 September 2022 to 12 noon Saturday 8 October 2022).

Can I help someone fill out their voting document?

Under the Local Electoral Act 2001, you cannot interfere or influence another person’s vote.

If authorised by a voter who is physically or visually impaired or for whom English is a second language, a person can assist them to vote as directed by the voter.

I received a voting document for a member of my family and have power of attorney for that person. Can I vote for that person?

No. A power of attorney does not apply to voting for that person. 

I received a voting document for a member of my family who does not live here. What should I do with the voting document?

If they are overseas, you could post it to the person or destroy it if that is not practicable.

If they are for a person who is incapable of voting e.g. an elderly parent, destroy it. You cannot vote on their behalf unless instructed by them.

I received a voting document that does not belong to me and I don't know this person or where this person has gone.

Write GNA (Gone No Address) on the envelope and put it back in the mail.

I have spoiled / made a mistake on my voting documents, what can I do?

If you can fix it so that your intention is clear, then do so.

If necessary, we can give you a special voting document, but this will take time and you’ll need to complete a declaration.

I have lost my return envelope. What do I do?

You can use another envelope and put the return address and Freepost number on it.

You will not need to put a stamp on the envelope if you write the Freepost number on the envelope and post it in New Zealand.

Freepost number 4710
The Electoral Office
Whangarei District Council
PO Box 5135
Victoria Street West
Auckland 1142

What should I do if I haven't received my voting document?

If it is before Wednesday 21 September 2022 and you believe you are correctly enrolled on the electoral roll, wait until the mail has been delivered on Wednesday 21 September 2022.

If you have still not received your voting document, contact the Electoral Office on 0800 922 822.

If it is after Wednesday 21 September 2022 and you believe you are correctly enrolled on the electoral roll, you will need to apply for a special vote.

If it is after Wednesday 21 September 2022 and you believe you are not correctly enrolled on the electoral roll, you will need to complete a Parliamentary Electoral Roll enrolment form. These are available at any post shop, or you can enrol, by phone or free text.


Phone: 0800 36 76 56

Freetext: Send your name and address to 3676

You will need to apply for a special vote.

I didn’t get my voting document, so I called and got a special vote. Now I have two voting documents. Which one should I use?

Use the original one and destroy the special vote.


You can view a final list of candidates on the following page.