Environmental Engineering Standards

The Environmental Engineering Standards set out the minimum acceptable levels for engineering design and construction that must be met by any development project.

Engineering Standards 2022

The Engineering Standards 2022 were adopted by Council on 24 March 2022 and came into effect on 27 June 2022.

This document sets out the standards required by for both private and vested assets and can be used as means of compliance for development within the Whangārei District.  

Engineering Standards 2022(PDF, 9MB) - Full document (without drawing sheets)

If you would like to be sent a CAD version of the Engineering Standards 2022 please contact us.

Chapter 1: General(PDF, 936KB)

Chapter 2: Site development suitability (geotechnical and natural hazards)(PDF, 548KB)

Chapter 3: Transportation(PDF, 1MB)

Chapter 4: Stormwater and Drainage(PDF, 1MB)

Chapter 5: Wastewater(PDF, 1MB)

Chapter 6: Water Supply and Reticulation(PDF, 692KB)

Chapter 7: Public Spaces and Landscape Works(PDF, 644KB)

Chapter 8: Electricity, Telecommunications and Gas(PDF, 349KB)

Appendices(PDF, 4MB)

Drawing Sheets(PDF, 6MB)

Environmental Engineering Standards Procedures Manual 2010

This manual is intended to act as a 'how-to' guide for the Environmental Engineering Standards and provide examples of various activities.

In conjunction with this manual, we have adopted a policy on the use of subsoil drainage for land development.

A Quality Assurance / Quality Control Manual for Vested Assets is available and should be used by relevant professionals where infrastructure intended to be vested to Council is being constructed.

Road Assessment and Maintenance (RAMM) data forms are to be completed by professionals where new roads are intended to vest to the Council indicating what roading assets have been constructed.

Environmental Engineering Standards Procedure Manual 2010(PDF, 2MB)

Quality Assurance / Quality Control Manual for Vested Assets(PDF, 634KB)

Road Assessment and Maintenance (RAMM) Data Collection Form(PDF, 547KB)

Environmental Engineering Standards 2007

The 2007 document applies to all Resource Consents which were applied for between 1 June 2007 and 30 June 2010 and no further amendments will be made to it.

Section 1 - 8(PDF, 1MB)

Appendix A: Drawings(PDF, 2MB)

Appendix B: Asset Information Schedule Requirements(PDF, 137KB)

Appendix C: Intensity Duration Curves(PDF, 79KB)

Environmental Engineering Standards 1998

The 1998 document applies to all Resource Consents which were applied for between 1998 and 31 May 2007 and no further amendments will be made to it.

Sections 1-9: Requirements(PDF, 292KB)

Drawings(PDF, 1MB)

Related information

New Zealand Transport Agency provides a Road Assessment and Maintenance Management (RAMM) manual which contains methods for measuring the condition of each road element that can be used to assess routine maintenance and rehabilitation needs.

Road Assessment and Maintenance Management Manual (nzta.govt.nz)