Northland Regional Transportation Activity Management Plan 2024–2054

This Transportation Activity Management Plan been prepared by the Northland Transport Alliance (NTA) on behalf of the Far North District Council, Kaipara District Council and Whangarei District Council.

The Activity Management Plan outlines the current state of the roading assets, the challenges being experienced and a detailed plan of how to meet each council's level of service through the maintenance, operation and continual renewals of assets as well as where to improve its transportation activities over the next three-year period (2024-27) in detail and indicate the intentions over the next 10 and 30 years. 

The Activity Management Plan is a living document and extra chapters will be included upon the final budgetary funds secured through each Council's Long-Term Plans and the associated subsidy approved from the National Land Transport Fund. 

The risks to the network (if any) due to the final budgets and quantities of works able to be provided versus the detailed programme of works required to meet the Councils' levels of service will also be highlighted.