Drainage fees and charges

Image of a drainage pipe for Drainage fees page.

Our fees and charges for the 2023 / 2024 financial year are provided below.

All fees are stated as GST inclusive (unless otherwise stated).

We reserve the right to review any fees and charges at any time. Please check with us for any updates.

Services location

Where work is done by Council to locate connections and the connection is found to be within 1.5 metres horizontally and 0.5 metres vertically of the ‘as-built’ position, work done will be charged at cost. Actual cost of contractor

Septage treatment

For disposal and treatment of septage at Council’s treatment facility – types 1.02, 1.03 and 1.14 $42.36 / m3
For disposal and treatment of septage at Council’s treatment facility – types 1.04 and 14.01 $12.74 / m3
Consent monitoring hourly rate $96.00
Trade Waste uniform annual charge $534.00
Trade Waste Consent Application Fee (controlled & conditional) $204.00
Trade Waste Consent Application Fee (permitted) $71.00

Pan charge

Pan charge for discharge of wastewater into Council’s wastewater system where connection cannot be charged as targeted rate** To align with sewerage disposal rate for non-residential properties

**An approved connection may be provided but as the building is not on land, no certificate of title exists therefore the charge cannot be levied as a rate under the Local Government Rating Act 2002 

Past year wastewater charge

Part year wastewater fee for properties connected to the public wastewater system during the year. After connection, properties are charged on 1 July as part of the rates.

Sewer connection date (as a % of annual pan fee)
July 92%
August 83%
September 75%
October 67%
November 58%
December 50%
January 42%
February 33%
March 25%
April 17%
May 8%
June 0%

Trade waste discharges

By Volume 1.77 / m³
By Total Kjeldahl Nitrogen (TKN) 0.88 / kg
By Total Suspended Solids (TSS) 0.70 / kg
By Chemical Oxygen Demand (COD) 0.47 / kg