Council professional fees and charges

Image of Council Professionals for Council Professionals fees page.

Our fees and charges for the 2023 / 2024 financial year are provided below.

All fees are stated as GST inclusive (unless otherwise stated).

We reserve the right to review any fees and charges at any time. Please check with us for any updates.

Hourly rates charged in 6 minute intervals Amount

Manager, RMA Consents

$221.00 / hour

Manager, Building Control

Manager, District Plan

Manager, Health and Bylaws

Manager, Infrastructure Development

Manager, Infrastructure Planning and Capital Works

Manager, Libraries

Manager, Parks and Recreation

Manager, Roading

Manager, Waste and Drainage

Manager, Water Services

$234.00 / hour

RMA Planning Specialist

Team Leader RMA Consents

Senior Specialist Resource Consents 

Senior Planner (Consents)             

$198.00 / hour

District Plan Specialist

Senior Planner (District Plan)

Team Leader Development Engineering

Senior Development Engineering Officer

Development Engineer

Engineering Officer, Water

Team Leader Infrastructure Planning

Team Leader Landscape Architects

Team Leader Environmental Health

Manager, Cemetery and Botanica

Senior Asset Engineer

Senior Water Technician

Distribution Engineer

Team Leader Development Contributions

Infrastructure Asset Engineer

Infrastructure Project Engineer

Infrastructure Senior Engineer 

Solid Waste Engineer

Team Leader Asset Planning

Asset Engineer, Water

Waste and Drainage Engineer

Waste and Drainage Asset Engineer

Wastewater Projects Engineer

Senior Building Controls Officer

Team Leader Building

$210.00 / hour

Team Leader RMA Approvals and Compliance

Team Leader RMA Support

Compliance Officer (RMA Consents)

Planner (RMA Consents)

$176.00 / hour

Planner (District Plan)

Landscape Architect

Post-Approval Subdivision Officer

Development Contributions Coordinator

Infrastructure Planner

Development Engineering Officer

Distribution Technician

Engineering Officer (Drainage and Water)

Strategic Asset Coordinator - Parks

Infrastructure Technical Officer

Senior Roading Engineer (Traffic and Parking)

Traffic Projects Engineer

Building Control Officer

Approvals and Compliance Officers (Building Control)

Architect / Urban Designer

Environmental Health Officer

Property Assessment Officer

$186.00 / hour

Infrastructure Asset Systems Technician

Compliance Officer (Regulatory Services)

$161.00 / hour

Planning Assistant (RMA Consents)

$104.00 / hour

Planning Assistant (Support Assistant (District Plan / Health and Bylaws / Building Processing)

Building Administrator (BCA and TA)

$110.00 / hour
Mileage Per IRD rate
Disbursements At cost charged to department by provider
  • Hearings required for any resource consent or other permission will be charged at actual cost.
  • Cost of any consultant / hearings commissioner will be charged at actual cost.
  • Miscellaneous charges will be charged at actual cost.
  • All costs will be itemised.
  • All figures are standard fees inclusive of GST; the final fee in any one application will be determined by the Resource Consents Manager or his / her appointee.
  • Council reserves the right to interim invoice applications where significant costs have been incurred over a period of one month or more without progress on the application.