Sewage and wastewater issues

Report non-urgent issues online relating to blocked sewers and gully traps, wastewater treatment plants and Council-maintained sewer systems. Avoid any contact with sewage as it can be very toxic.

Contact us by phone on 0800 932 463 or 09 430 4200 (24 hours a day) if you have an urgent issue, including a sewage spill.

We will respond to issues reported online outside of our business hours (8:30am to 4:30pm, Monday to Friday) on the next working day.

Sewage spills

If sewage is over-flowing, please call us first.

Phone: 09 430 4200 or Freephone: 0800 932 463 (24 hours / 7 days)

Our team will quickly identify whether the blockage is on your property or on Council’s side, free of charge.

If the blockage is on Council’s side of the network, they will clear the blockage and clean-up and disinfect the ground where the overflow ran.

If the blockage turns out to be in pipes on your property, you can call your own professional to take care of the repair and pay them, or you can ask our team to do the repair and clean-up and invoice you for it.

Find out more about preventing sewage blockages in your home and the public network, by following the link below.

Preventing sewage spills

Blocked sewers and gully traps

Report any unpleasant odours or other signs of a blocked or overflowing sewers or gully traps. 

Gully traps empty wastewater from the kitchen, laundry and bathrooms and are usually located on the external walls of homes and businesses. If a gully trap fault is caused because of capacity issues in the public network we will contribute to a solution.

Report a general sewage or wastewater issue

Waste treatment plants and Council-maintained sewer systems

You can report sewage issues with:

  • Council waste treatment plants
  • Council-maintained septic tanks that are part of the Onerahi Effluent Disposal Scheme
  • Council-maintained pressure sewer systems in Ruakākā south and in several other developments. 

Problems with private septic tanks, on-site wastewater treatment systems or pump-up systems are the responsibility of home and business owners who should call a plumber directly. 

Report an issue with a Council maintained sewage system

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