Drains and flood control issues

Report drain and flood control issues relating to manhole covers and grates, flooding, illegal stormwater discharge and clearing of weeds from riverbanks.  

Contact us on 0800 932 463 or 09 430 4200 (24 hours a day) if you have an urgent issue.

We will respond to issues reported online outside of our business hours (8:30am to 4:30pm, Monday to Friday) on the next working day.

Missing, damaged or displaced manhole covers and drain grates

Phone us urgently if you notice any missing, dislodged or damaged:

  • kerbside drain grates (these are usually metal and rectangular) 
  • other drainage grates and grilles
  • manhole covers (these are usually circular metal lids)

These can cause a serious risk to public safety so we address them quickly.

Phone: 09 430 4200 or Freephone: 0800 932 463

We will also investigate complaints about noise caused by tyres running over loose manhole covers.

Report an issue with manhole covers and drain grates

Report flooding issue (flood event)

If your life is at risk call 111 right away.

For urgent issues such as your home being flooded, blocked stormwater drains, or roads blocked due to slips and flooding, please phone us (24 hours a day).

Phone: 09 430 4200 or Freephone: 0800 932 463

To report a river in flood please call Northland Regional Council’s environmental hotline on 0800 504 639.

Use the link below to report non-urgent flooding issues. These will be responded to the next working day. 

Report a flooding issue

Illegal stormwater discharge

If someone else’s stormwater is running onto your property you can call us or log a request below and we will send someone to investigate.

Report illegal stormwater discharge

Clear pest plants from streams and riverbanks

Report pest plants or weeds alongside stream and riverbanks on Council-owned land or reserves.

Report pest plants or weeds along stream embankments

Blocked drains

To report a blocked drain in your street or other public place, such as a main road or park, please call us. 

Phone:  09 430 4200 (24 hrs)

Freephone:  0800 932 463

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