Rubbish and recycling issues

Report rubbish and recycling issues.

Note: You can get a new recycling bin for your property, free of charge, from following locations:

  • the Tarewa i-SITE
  • Whangārei Central Library
  • Tikipunga Libraries
  • Ruakākā Service Centre

Contact us on 0800 932 463 or 09 430 4200 (24 hours a day) if you have an urgent issue.

We will respond to issues reported online outside of our business hours (8:30am to 4:30pm, Monday to Friday) on the next working day.

Illegal rubbish dumping (fly-tipping)

We clear fly-tipping rubbish on public land, Council-maintained roads, riverbanks and the foreshore.

We take fly-tipping seriously and will prosecute those responsible where possible. Please report any extra details that could help with prosecution like descriptions of vehicles and those responsible.

Please note:

  • bins or bags incorrectly put out for waste collections are not considered fly-tipping and may take longer to clear
  • we can't help with fly-tipping on privately-owned land. We will investigate offences and pass on the request to the land owner where possible.

Report an illegal rubbish dumping (fly-tipping) issue

To report rubbish on state highways in the Whangārei District contact NZTA on 09 969 9800.

To report rubbish in waterways contact the Northland Regional Council on 0800 504 639.

Public litter bins

Please report the location and time which the bin was overflowing, and we will try to empty it as soon as possible.

If you find a damaged bin please let us know so that we can repair it.

Report a damaged or overflowing public litter bin

We provide about 500 litter bins in our District. If you would like a new bin added in a location, please let us know and we will consider your request.

Request a new public litter bin location

Household rubbish and recycling collection issues

If we haven't collected your household rubbish or recycling, first check the following:

  • you used a Council approved bag
  • you placed your bins or bags out on the correct day of the week by 7:30am
  • a sticker was left explaining there was a problem, such as your bag was too heavy, or incorrect items in your recycling bin.

Check what can go into the recycling bins

If none of the above apply, it is after 4:00pm on your collection day and within one working day of your normal collection time, please report your missed collection.

Report your missed collection

Please include a specific street address and location details as well as a contact phone number so that we can find the missed rubbish. We'll return as soon as we can, usually on the next working day.

Other rubbish and recycling issues and enquiries

If you have an issue or suggestion about our rubbish and recycling services, rubbish and recycling stations or waste minimisation programme, please get in touch.

Report a rubbish and recycling issue or enquiry

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