Waipu Coastal Walkway


Magnificent coastal views, a small rocky beach, Waipu pancake limestone rocks, native coastal bush, great fishing and picnic spots. 

This walk has been developed by members of the Waipu Lions Club following the vision of the late Alan McKenzie, who was a local resident. 


Parking and information is available at both entry points. Waipu Cove end has toilets and a cafe.

What to expect

  • The trail can be entered at either end where notices, stiles, orange markers and posts indicate the path.  
  • Following wet weather, the track becomes very slippery in areas. Part of the walkway is near a steep drop into the sea or onto rocks below, so take care and supervise youngsters. Alternatively, Langs Beach can be accessed by walking on the side of the road.
  • This walk requires a reasonable level of fitness and agility. There are stiles, steps, ladders and rocks to climb. 
  • The entry / exit points at both Waipu Cove and Ding Bay may require you to wade through water. Please be aware of high tide times before you begin your walk.
  • Please stay on the track, follow the orange markers and do not trespass onto private property.


Please leave your dogs at home, this walkway crosses private land and native bush areas.

Waipu Cove to Waterman Drive

Grade:        3
Time:          1.5hrs
Distance:     2km

This is the longer section of the walkway and can be done in either direction. It tends to be flatter and passes through more open pasture alongside the coast.

The starting point can be found cross the small tidal stream opposite the last concrete BBQ bench on the lawn of  Waipu Cove.  If the tide is in, wet feet may be the start of your journey here.  You can exit at Waterman Drive and walk the 1.5km along Cove Road, or walk all the way to Ding Bay.

In places it crosses private land with riparian rights so please stay on the path.

Waterman Drive to Langs Beach

Grade:        3
Time:          45 minutes
Distance:   900m

This is the more challenging section of the overall walkway requiring some of the rocky outcrops to be traversed.


903 Cove Road Waipū, Waipu Cove 0582  View Map

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